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Indoor Gardening

by Ekta Chaudhary

Scientist and full-time gardener Ekta Chaudhary takes us through an accessible and informative introduction to indoor gardening.


by Robert B. Cialdini

Influence has been the go-to book for marketers since its release in 1984, delivering six key principles behind human influence, and explaining them with countless practical examples.

Influence People with Persuasion Psychology

by Andrew Luttrell, Ph.D.

Influence People with Persuasion Psychology offers the fundamental persuasion toolkit; easy to learn, easy to remember and easy to implement.

Influencing Others

by John Ullmen

In Influencing Others, John Ullman PhD, explains how to influence people with a host of simple, scientifically-proven techniques that you can start using right away.

Information Literacy

by Elsa Loftis

Become more competent in finding, evaluating, and using your research, as librarian Elsa Loftis guides us through the process of successfully navigating today's complicated Information Age.

Informational Interviewing

by Barbara Bruno

Whether you want to kickstart your search for a new job, or progress within your current company, Barb Bruno explains all the tricks of informational interviewing.

Inner Engineering

by Sadhguru

Inner Engineering is a guide to creating a life of happiness by exploring our internal landscape of thoughts and feelings, and learning to align them with what the universe tells us.

Inside Bill's Brain

by Davis Guggenheim

The three-part docuseries Inside Bill's Brain propels us into the genius mind of Bill Gates and allows us to take a look at his humanity, from his childhood to his immense success and strained relationships.

Inside Job

by Charles Ferguson

In this Oscar-winning 2010 documentary film, director Charles Ferguson proves a clear conspiracy among the bankers, politicians, and other powerful people that caused the 2008 banking collapse.


by Tasha Eurich

Insight helps us understand what self-awareness is, why it's vital if we want to become our best self, and how to overcome the obstacles that stand between us and our highest potential.

Insights from a college career coach | d570b5ad-fd76-4c14-841c-b6b61eaa04aa

by Valerie Sutton

Harvard Career Coach Valerie Sutton shares some interesting career development principles we could all use to build our careers at any stage; from a student trying to get started, to a top level executive planning on making a career transition.

Intelligent Trees

by Peter Wohlleben

Intelligent Trees is a fascinating look into the way trees communicate and the science behind this remarkable process.

Interior Design Basics

by Lauren Cox

Interior Design Basics: Simple Steps to Your Perfect Space, Lauren Cox shows us how we can all use a set of basic principles to design the interior of our home, develop our own style, and create the perfect personal space.

Interior Design: Interior Decorate Like a Boss | 31c4720d-df22-4ce4-8186-56990e791ed5

by Rose Sprinkle

Interior Design: Interior Decorate Like a Boss shows you how to create the perfect space, from start to finish, with an emphasis on how to lay out a room, how many pieces of furniture to use, how to properly accessorize, and how to work with color.

Interior Styling: Style Your Space like a Pro | e3ab15ff-d59e-46eb-b554-d9de19665afb

by Justina Blakeney

Interior Styling: Style Your Place Like A Pro explains the eight basic principles of interior styling, and shows us how to apply them in our living spaces, providing tips along the way.

Internal Interviewing

by Lida Citroen

In "Internal Interviewing," personal brand guru Lida Citroën provides valuable insights on how you can assess your strengths and initiate a conversation with your boss about your professional growth within the company. She gives tips to help you impress your superiors during and after an interview.

Interpersonal Communication

by Dorie Clark

Interpersonal Communication draws on knowledge and context from the business world to give you a crash course of expert tips to effectively communicate in all domains of life.

Interview Masterclass

by Aimee Bateman

Ace your next job interview as careers consultant Aimee Bateman shares useful strategies in preparing for an interview, structuring your response to questions, and making a lasting impression on the interview panel.

Into the Magic Shop

by James R. Doty MD

Unlock your brain's hidden potential with Stanford professor James Doty's life-changing secrets for inner happiness in Into the Magic Shop, as endorsed by the Dalai Lama himself.

Introduction to Ancient Egypt and Its Civilization

by David P. Silverman

A look into the world of Ancient Egypt and its concern with the afterlife, the preservation of their dead, and the protection of their treasures.

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (AI)

by Rav Ahuja

'The robots are coming for our jobs' is a common expression nowadays, but how serious is the threat of artificial intelligence? Here, we learn the basics of AI: what it is, and how to navigate concepts like machine learning, deep learning, and neural networks.

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