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Digital Skills: Embracing Digital Technology

King's College London

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Whether you're looking to work or study, embracing digital technology is key. This beginner's course from King's College London shows you how to use software and the internet to boost your career prospects.


Digital Skills: Embracing Digital Technology

Digital Skills: Embracing Digital Technology

by King's College London


Digital skills are now vital in education and many professional industries. Improving your digital skills will help you access opportunities and gain the knowledge you need for the career you want.

Embracing Digital Technology is an online course from FutureLearn aimed at refugees and displaced people from the Middle East and North Africa. The course is led by Eleonora Gandolfi, a Ph.D. student in Digital Humanities at King's College London. It aims to help those who lack basic digital skills improve their prospects, whether aiming to go into work or study.

The course covers building your online profile, using online groups to support your learning, and developing a plan to address the gaps in your skills. Students also learn how to use popular websites and applications, and how to stay safe online. Along the way, the course gives numerous recommendations for websites and software to try out.

Favorite quote

Digital skills are becoming necessary for everyday living ... people in nearly every career are required to have some knowledge of computers and software.

- Eleonora Gandolfi

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