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Time-saving tools and products we’re really into right now

Want to stretch your brain through reading or listening to thought leaders, but don’t have the time? Download Uptime for 5-minute summaries of popular books, courses, documentaries, and podcasts. Then deploy those nuggets of information as needed.


Uptime: the app that helps you appear well-read (without actually reading)

No time for those big books everyone talks about? With a new app you can grasp Hawking, Piketty and Gladwell in five minutes. Harry Wallop tried it.


App of the Day: Uptime

Who has time to read or watch a 2-hour documentary or take an online course? The app “Uptime” has a solution.


The 25 best new apps of 2021

Unless you have unlimited free time, you’ll never be able to consume everything that strikes your interest. Uptime provides a workaround, letting you glean the main takeaways and decide whether the full content is worth your precious time.


The Top 7 Apps that Make You Smarter Every Day

If you find reading long articles and hundreds of pages difficult, Uptime is the perfect app for you. It delivers insights and summaries of thousands of books in the format of Instagram-like stories.


Apple App of the Day - US

Featured as Apple's App of the Day for the US App Store.


Google’s Best Android Apps Of 2021 Highlight Mental Health

Google's 2021 selections have a particular focus on mental health. Uptime might help if you’re feeling a little unproductive or directionless - it offers five minute condensed “takeaways” from books, documentaries and courses.


Uptime: The YouTube founder-backed ‘knowledge hacking’ app making a move into the City

The London-based educational app’s investors include YouTube founder Chad Hurley and former Tesco CEO Terry Leahy.


Huda Kattan invests in micro learning app Uptime, joining as a board member

Huda Beauty founder and chairwoman of HB Investments says she wants to help create 'a truly global ed-tech platform'.


What the Tech? App of the day: Uptime

Who doesn't want to become a little smarter? If raising your IQ isn't enough, just being able to start a conversation with someone should be a good reason. But who has time to read or watch a 2-hour documentary or take an online course? The app "Uptime" is a solution.



The best books, courses & documentaries in 5 minutes or less.


10 European startups shaking up the edtech sector in 2021

Founded in 2018, Uptime is a free app featuring 5-minute ‘Knowledge Hacks’ from the world’s best books, courses and documentaries. All the hacks available on the app can be found in different formats like text, audio and its unique visual story format, saving users time and effort, and being easily shareable. The startup landed around €13.4 million.

App Store Preview

Wish you could read more books in less time, and fast-forward to the facts when watching documentaries? Uptime: 5-min Knowledge Hacks could help.


‘Knowledge hacking’ app Uptime raises $16M

Uptime, the self-described “knowledge hacking” app, has raised $16 million in seed funding, after officially launching on iOS in January. Positioned as a “micro-learning” platform, Uptime presents five-minute “knowledge hacks” from books, courses and documentaries.



Free your mind, says knowledge-boosting app Uptime. How, you ask? By taking a few shortcuts to help you absorb a wide breadth of information from all kinds of sources you may not have time for otherwise.


Uptime, the free app that presents expertly curated five-minute Knowledge Hacks of the world’s best books, courses, and documentaries, has raised a $16m Seed round to bring its platform to more users globally.


London-based ‘knowledge hacking’ app Uptime raises $16 million seed round

London-based Uptime, creators of a free app that presents five-minute summaries of books, courses, and documentaries, has raised a $16 million seed round to bring its platform to more users globally. 


London-based knowledge hacking App Uptime raises US $16M seed funding

A London-based self-proclaimed “knowledge hacking” app of the EdTech industry, Uptime, secured US $16 million in a seed investment announced on the 10th of February, 2021.