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We're on a mission to hand invite the Creators we believe should have a stronger voice to help people better themselves.

Sit alongside thousands of titles from the biggest names like Stephen Hawking, Michelle Obama and Simon Sinek.

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Share your workWrite the content you would like on our platform. This can be either an original piece, or a summary of your book, course, documentary, or podcast - broken down into 3 key insights that readers can learn from, and linked directly to your other work.
Reach new peopleOur algorithm puts your work in front of engaged users who want to learn about your topic.
Grow your audienceUsers are enticed to view your original work or website, leading to higher engagement and conversion without any cost to you.
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Our platform automatically turns your Hack into visual, engaging slides for a stimulating user experience

We offer text, audio, and visual modes so users can enjoy Uptime in multiple languages - wherever they are, whatever they’re doing

Using scientifically proven methods, we help users learn more of what they engage with so your ideas go further

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Our users are mainly young, curious millennials who are keen to learn, improve themselves and broaden their perspectives. But they don’t know where to start. Our goal is to help them discover a library of great titles to make it easier for them to decide where to direct their time and attention.


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