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Books Recommended by Emma Watson

Much like her movie characters, Hermione Granger and Belle from Beauty and the Beast, actress and activist Emma Watson is a keen bookworm. Here are a few of the best books she’s recommended over the past few years.


Living with ADHD: Everything You Need to Know About Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

If you’re struggling with adult ADHD, look to these books and courses for advice on how to cope.


Sex, Minimalism and ADHD - the topics people most want to learn about in 2022, revealed

As we move into the third year of the coronavirus pandemic, the public’s love of learning, rekindled by lockdowns, is still going strong. One of the ways people are looking to maximize their time and break the insidious cycle of doom-scrolling is by ‘knowledge hacking’, and our data has revealed the most popular subjects of 2022 for lifelong learners.


10+ Things to Know if You’re Considering a Career Change

Sometimes, we put off job changes because we assume such changes are accompanied by anxiety, uncertainty, and major upheaval. But you're unhappy in your current position, we're here to help.


What is an NFT? The Ultimate Guide to Non-Fungible Tokens

Keen to get into crypto, but unsure whether NFTs are for you? In this article, we give you the low-down on non-fungible tokens, including the art behind each token, how they can be traded on the online marketplace, and what the future holds.


How to Prioritize Your Workload and Be More Productive in 2022

Those who can learn how to prioritize their workload get to enjoy a double benefit each day – they will be more enjoyably engaged with their work, and get more precious leisure time, on the account of getting the job done faster.


How to Ask for a Raise or Promotion at Work

What do you do when you feel like you’re being under-appreciated and underpaid by your employers? Asking for a raise can be tricky. Asking for a promotion can be trickier. But is it time for you to have this uncomfortable conversation with your boss? We think it is.


How to Find Love in 2022: A Guide to Modern Dating

Dating life feel like it’s stuck in an endless loop of ‘it’s complicated’, on-again, off-again situationships? If one of your New Years resolutions was to jump back into the dating scene, we've pulled insights from experts on how to find love in 2022.


The Best Books by Naomi Klein

Author, social activist, and filmmaker Naomi Klein is one of our foremost modern voices on societal problems and climate change. Here, we explore four of our favorite books of hers.


Black Friday Sale: 50% off Premium Subscriptions

For a limited time only, Uptime's Premium subscription is now available for 50% off. Use the code HELLOFRIDAY on our website to redeem yours.


Dear Diary... Why I Started Journaling in the Pandemic

"My soul feels on fire by living in constant recognition of myself, and it’s all because of my journaling endeavours."


The COP26 Summit and Why It's Important: Understanding the Climate Crisis

The COP26 2021 global summit in Glasgow has been in the news for much of November - and will continue to do so long after the conference is over. This article, brought together with the insights shared with Knowledge Hacks on Uptime, explains why climate change is a man-made crisis that requires man-made solutions.


Everything to Know about Squid Game: Show Trivia, a Second Season, and What to Watch Next

In rapid speed, Netflix's creepy dystopian drama has become its most-watched show in history. If you haven’t watched Squid Game yet, you may be wondering what it’s about; and if you have, you’ll likely have lots of unanswered questions...


Entrepreneurs on Entrepreneurship: Quick Lessons on the Secrets to Success from Business' Greatest Minds

While there is no universal recipe for making it big in business, there are undoubtedly some timeless pieces of advice that we can learn from.


The Best Business Memoirs

Are you an aspiring entrepreneur ready to make a wave in the business world? Top entrepreneurs weigh in with their best advice on how to turn a $100 start-up into a global corporation.


The Best BookTok Accounts to Follow

If you love reading and discovering new books, then here's our list of the best book accounts on TikTok you should be following. Use our guide to find out which books you should next add to your To Be Read list.


‘Tis the Season (For All Things Spooky): Best Halloween Books and Documentaries

Here’s our pick of books to read and documentaries to watch to get you in the mood for Halloween. Warning: this list is not for the faint-hearted.


Book Spotlight: Why You Should Read "Time and How to Spend It"

If your life feels like it's passing you by in a blur - days and nights merging, work and home life more crossed over than ever - it’s time to start spending your time more wisely.


Will a Robot Take Your Job? Exploring the Future of AI

What does artificial intelligence have in store for us, and should we be welcoming it with open arms? All these answers, and more, unpacked in this 5-minute read.


Six of the Best Malcolm Gladwell Books

If you're someone who likes to challenge the status quo, to see the underdog win, or even question the idea of ‘chance,’ then Malcolm Gladwell is the writer for you. Not only does he shed light on some of the assumptions we carry, but his books also give you a well-needed jolt into seeing the world from a fresh and new perspective.


Career Coaches Share Their Best Advice On How To Handle Job Rejections

What can you do if you’re a job-seeker struggling with multiple job rejections, and starting to lose hope? Three top career consultants give their best advice on how to bounce back.


How To Tidy Your Room: The Ultimate Guide to Decluttering Your Home

Time for a spring clean? If you need help sorting your mess, use these home organization and cleaning tips to transform your bedroom, reorganize your cupboards, and become so tidy that cleaning gurus like Marie Kondo and Mrs Hinch would be proud.


Who is Malcolm Gladwell? The ultimate guide to Gladwell's best books

If you’ve heard of Malcolm Gladwell non-fiction titles such as David and Goliath, The Tipping Point, and Outliers, but aren’t sure which one to start reading first, let this article be your handy guide.


Introducing Uptime's Sparks feature: a revolutionary new way of learning

At Uptime, we’re not just here to summarize a book's key lessons - we want to help you remember them. That’s why we created Sparks. Read on to find out why this might be our most important feature yet.


Bullet Journals and Weekly Planners: The Ultimate Guide on How to Keep a Journal

In this article, we explain why breaking down your tasks - via bullet journaling, weekly planners, and habit journals - is the best way to boost your long-term productivity.


The Best Writing Advice from Famous Authors

Forget becoming the next Kurt Vonnegut or Neil Gaiman; this article will teach you how to write so well that other writers will want to be the next you.


How to Look After Your Mental Health

You should never have to suffer in silence. Books can be a great source of comfort if you’re feeling anxious, stressed, or upset, but aren’t ready to talk to someone else about it yet.


The Ultimate Guide to Meditation for Beginners: Mindfulness, Meditation Benefits, & How to Practice

There’s a lot of talk these days about meditation, and the myriad of positive effects it can bring. In this article, learn why mindfulness and meditation go hand in hand, and see how it can help you lead a more Zen lifestyle.


How to Promote Your Business Online: A Marketer's Guide to Social Media

Got a new business or product you're launching? Here's our handy guide to effective social media marketing in a few easy steps.


Marie Kondo’s Guide to Decluttering Your Life

If it's a tidy house you're after, let Marie Kondo walk you through the basics of decluttering and organising your home.


What's New on Uptime

Here at Uptime, we like to keep an eye on what books everyone is talking about so that you don’t have to. Here’s a guide to our pick of the best new Knowledge Hacks over on Uptime.


What is Zen? Exploring the ancient Buddhist practice

Zen is the Japanese name for an ancient Buddhist practice introduced by the renowned philosopher Dōgen in the thirteenth century. If you're interested in meditation, we’ve compiled everything you need to know about the ancient practice of Zen.


How to Travel on a Budget

Travel should not be a luxury. Whether you've got $5,000 or $50, there are many ways to travel the world on a budget, and without blowing through your savings - so we’ve compiled a list of the most helpful tips for you to use here.


Inspiring LGBTQ+ Books to Read

Pride can mean a lot of things, but it all comes down to expression and support for the LGBTQ+ community. Whether you identify as LGBTQ+ yourself, or want to become a better ally to the gay community, these nonfiction books are our top picks for celebrating Pride.


How to Prepare for a Job Interview

Job interviews are tricky. It’s a difficult balance between showcasing your skills, and not sounding like you’re showing off. So how are you supposed to find your footing? Here's our top tips for how to ace your next job interview.


Books Recommended by Nassim Nicholas Taleb

As an essayist, statistician, economist, alumni of Wharton University, NYU professor, AND author, it’s fair to say Nassim Nicholas Taleb has done more than his fair share of reading. Here are some of his favorite books.


How to Talk to Anyone

It’s time to wave goodbye awkward silences and soul-destroying small talk. We’ve curated our favorite tips from the experts on how to become a master conversationalist.


How to Reconnect with Nature

Feeling the urge to improve your wellbeing and connect with the great outdoors? Here’s your sign from the universe that you should start doing so.


The Importance of World Literacy Day

When we provide better education to children across the globe, we can change the world. This September 8, Uptime is celebrating World Literacy Day.


Books Recommended by Brené Brown

One of the core tenets of Dr. Brené Brown’s teachings is the power of owning your story - so it any surprise that her favorite books can also help us better understand our place in the world?


12 Tips for Increasing Your Lifespan

Is there really a way we can boost our life expectancy? These four books explore the best habits and lifestyle changes linked to long, happy, healthy lives.


Books to Educate Yourself About Global Warming

Want to learn more about global warming, or what we can do to stop it? To make your life easier, we’ve condensed the biggest lessons from famous thought leaders, scientists, and global activists on what we can do to make a difference.


How to Write a Great Cover Letter

Don’t let yourself be daunted by cover letters; they’re an exciting opportunity to showcase who you are, and what you stand for. But how do you write something that will make you stand out from the crowd?


How to Create a Habit (and Break Bad Ones)

Struggling to break a bad habit? Learn how you can swap it out for a healthy one with these handy tips from the experts.


Influential Books to Change How You See The World

If you’re always looking to grow, develop, and evolve your outlook on life, these 10 nonfiction titles are essential reads for expanding your worldview.


How to Stick to a Routine: Simple Steps to Change Your Life Today

If you find yourself stuck in a rut and can't find the motivation to get yourself into a more productive routine, then these books and courses might be exactly what you're after.


Oprah Winfrey: Books That Made Me

Media magnate, philanthropist, and beacon of wisdom Oprah Winfrey has been a significant part of our cultural dialogue for many decades now. Here are five of the books that she feels have shaped her into the person she is today.


How to Plan Your Week

Planning your week often comes down to doing whatever you can to make your life easier. If your to-do list only gets bigger as the weekdays slip by, we’ve gathered advice from top productivity coaches to help you become a master planner.


How to Achieve Work-Life Balance

An unhealthy work-life fusion can put our mental (and even physical) health at risk. For anyone struggling to find the right balance in the wake of COVID-19, we’ve compiled tips on how to regain your personal time.


Expand your consciousness with these Books Recommended by Neil deGrasse Tyson

If you enjoyed Astrophysics for People in a Hurry, and want inspiration for what to read next, then consider adding the best books recommended by the world class astrophysicist to your reading list


The Best Books on Leadership

If there’s one thing to be learned from these titles, it’s that anyone can be a leader.


The Habits of Highly Effective People

Some people just seem to have their life together. It’s easy to admire these types - even to be jealous - but did you know their habits all follow a similar style, and that anyone can emulate them?


The Pomodoro Technique, Explained: How to Increase Your Productivity

The Pomodoro method is one of the most commonly practiced time management tricks out there, but what exactly is it?


Own Your Voice: How to Conquer Your Fear of Public Speaking

Becoming an effective, charismatic communicator isn’t as hard as it may seem. We’ve put together the top tips, strategies, and advice from public speaking coaches to help you overcome the fear of your own voice.


The Best Tips for Getting Fit

If you’ve started your fitness journey but are lacking a bit of motivation, we’ve selected the best books and courses on Uptime for inspiration on how to get that exercise ball rolling again.


Job-Hunting? Here's our Guide to Finding your Dream Job

Searching for a job can feel like a full-time job in itself. Whether you’ve just graduated from college, or want to explore a new career path, we’ve gathered some valuable resources to guide you along the way.


The Best Sustainability Books for Becoming More Eco-Friendly

Anyone can be an environmental activist - and it's never too late to become one. Here are the 5 best books for learning how to be a little kinder to our planet.


What to Watch Next: Oscar-Winning Documentaries

On your seventh FRIENDS binge? If you’re tired of watching the same thing over and over, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best Oscar-nominated and Oscar-winning documentaries - and the key lessons we can learn from them - so you can worry less about what to watch this weekend.


What’s New on Uptime

Here on the Uptime Blog, we like to make your life as easy as possible. In case you missed them, here’s a quick catch-up on our new releases on Uptime.


How To Become A Social Media Influencer

We’ve compiled the expert advice from content creators, marketers, and even university professors to finally answer the question: 'How do I become a social media influencer?' 


The Benefits of a Vegetarian Diet

Five authors and documentary-makers explain the eye-opening benefits of a plant-based diet, and why the future of our planet may very well depend on it.


What is BookTok? A Guide to the TikTok Trend Taking the Publishing Industry by Storm

Tiktok: although initially a place for viral dance trends, it's now become a serious marketing destination for authors and publishers alike. But what is BookTok, why is it shaking up the literary scene, and what are its most recommended reads?


How To Spend Less Time On Social Media

“In 2008, adults spent an average of 18 minutes on their phone a day - in 2015, they were spending 2 hours 48 minutes per day.” (Adam Alter) Sound familiar? If you’re worried about your daily phone usage, use these lessons from the experts on cutting down your screen time.


Books Recommended by Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs was an advocate for hard work, stepping outside comfort zones, and taking risks. For more of his teachings, we’ve put together some of the Apple co-founder’s recommended reads


Introducing Dark Mode: Uptime’s Newest Feature

You asked - we delivered. Dark Mode, our No.1 most requested user feature, is now live and available to use on iOS and Android


How To Be More Likeable

Charismatic people make it look they were born charming, but the truth is, likeability is a skill that can be learned like any other. Find out how to become the most interesting person in the room with the tips from these charisma-gurus below


How to Deal with Stress: Healthy Ways to Cope with Anxiety

Handling stress and anxiety can be really tough, but there are steps you can take that might help. Here are our few suggestions from our pick of self-help books for you to consider


Why You Should Switch Your Phone to Dark Mode Immediately

Major tech giants and web developers are all switching their apps to the 'Night Mode' setting, but why is this, and what does it mean? Clue yourself in on the surprising health benefits of the popular feature sweeping through the tech world.


Here's Four Books That Jeff Bezos Recommends You Read

From founding Amazon from his garage in Seattle in 1994, to acquiring Wholefoods in 2017, business guru Jeff Bezos has become one of the richest men in history. But the self-made billionaire has also always made time for reading and self-improvement; here are four of his favorite reads.


How To Have Flowing Conversations

As it turns out, being socially savvy isn’t exactly rocket science. We’ve compiled all of the tips and advice to help you become a sparkling conversationalist and, ultimately, improve your people skills.


How to Focus: Concentration Tips From The Experts

Feel like there's not enough hours in the day? We’ve compiled the top tips from bestselling concentration kings and queens to help you to exercise your brain, and focus on what’s important.


How To Better Manage Your Time

From ‘Einstein windows’ to ‘energy thieves’, there are easy productivity tips we can use to better manage our time and be productive. Here are our top tips for getting through your to-do-list before lunch.


How To Become a Mind Reader

At some point, haven’t we all wished that we could read other people’s minds? The truth is, the best way to better understand people’s thoughts and feelings is to become more in tune with our own. Here’s our top tips on how to get there.


How To Get Started with Crypto

What is a blockchain? How do you keep Crypto in a wallet? Here’s our quick FAQ on all things cryptocurrency, as well as a quick overview on how to get started on investing.


What is Bitcoin? An Introduction to Cryptocurrency

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak describes Bitcoin as “an amazing mathematical miracle that’s better than gold.” But what exactly is it?


What To Do If You’re Feeling Sad

If you're feeling sad or upset, here are our tips for picking yourself back up again.


Creative Writing Tips: How To Write Like A Pro

Margaret Atwood said it best: “A word after a word after a word is power.” Whether you’re looking for fresh inspiration or revising a first draft, take your creative writing skills to the next level with these tips from bestselling authors themselves


How To Not Be Tired: Science-Backed Tips for Combatting Fatigue

By making sure that you're getting your 8 hours of shut-eye, you can drastically improve not only your physical health, but your mental health too. Here’s our top tips for making sure you’re waking up on the right side of bed each morning.


How To Find Love: Tips for Building Lasting Relationships

Spice up your dating life - and find the soulmate connection that they write movies about - with these lessons on lasting love from trusted marriage counsellors, relationship experts, and love gurus


How To Earn Some Extra Money

Want to start investing, but not sure where to begin? It's never too late - or too early - to learn investment basics. We've handpicked lessons from these personal finance gurus to help you learn how to start earning a little extra cash.


Mark Zuckerberg: The Books That Made Me

Today, Mark Zuckerberg is worth over $130 billion. But which inspiring books and big ideas did the tech mogul use to propel his success? To satiate your curiosity, we’ve done the hard work for you.


How to Get an Advantage in Life

We all have inherent advantages and disadvantages in life - some we can choose, but some we have no control over. So how do you grab the bull by the proverbial horns and give yourself that extra edge in your personal or working life?


Tips for Better Sleep: 5 Books that Provide a Fascinating Insight into the Land of Nod

Our relationship with sleep is a funny one. While we begin our lives sleeping for 16 to 20 hours a day (somewhat sporadically, and without any real consistent pattern, much to the frustration of our parents’ sleep cycles), shockingly, 62% of adults worldwide now feel that they're not sleeping well.


How To Make Better Use Of Your Time: 5 Books & Courses To Boost Your Productivity Levels

How can we make sure we’re focusing our time and energy on the things that really matter? In today's digital age, it’s harder than ever to reach peak productivity levels: we’re up against a tide of social media platforms vying for our attention, as well as the siren call of phone notifications disrupting our workflow.


Tips for Coping with Anxiety

It seems as though everyone is under stress these days. From heavy workloads to family issues, no one is exempt from the claws of anxiety.


How To Give Less F*cks About What Others Think of You

Our self-esteem is our most prized superpower. And, contrary to what you might think, an excessive desire to please others - particularly at your own expense - is a toxic trait, not a positive one.


How To Switch Off From Work: Tips & Tricks For Unplugging From Your Day Job

Whether you work from home or commute to an office, leaving your work at work can be a struggle. We have some tricks up our sleeves to help you disconnect from your job and let you enjoy your precious downtime.


The Best Self Improvement Books – Ten Stellar Picks

Each of us are constantly “works in progress” – striving to learn new skills, spark new passions, and take action on our growth goals. Here’s our list of the ten best self-improvement books bound to inspire your personal development journey. 


Tips for Working From Home

Since the Coronavirus pandemic hit in early 2020, people have been forced to get imaginative when it comes to working remotely. Whether you are a freelance worker or an office worker, things have certainly changed. We’ve said goodbye to the grueling morning commute, saved a fortune on our morning cups of coffee, and some of us have absolutely loved that extra hour in bed. 


Books recommended by Warren Buffett

Berkshire Hathaway, a multinational conglomerate holding company, is headed by CEO Warren Buffett, whose investment history has proven great success. So much so that he gained the nickname Oracle of Omaha, after the town in which he was born in Nebraska. It’s not all for personal gain, though: he is one of the world’s greatest philanthropists, after pledging that more than 99% of his wealth would go to philanthropy during his life or at death. He has previously donated to the Gates Foundation, as well as charities run by his family and children.


The Best Non-fiction Books of 2021

Our favourite non-fiction books for the year 2021 encompass everything, from eye-opening money and investment strategies to reports on the global climate crisis and even our go to personal growth and self-help books.


Books recommended by Elon Musk

Mention the name Elon Musk, and Tesla springs to mind. And yes, while he may be the boisterous CEO of arguably the world’s most influential car company, he is also the founder and CEO of SpaceX - an aerospace manufacturer that one day hopes to make colonisation on Mars a reality. Yes, Mars.


Best non-fiction books of 2020

Making “best of” lists is a bit like speaking about politics - inevitably there will be people who disagree and would rather have it the other way around. The purpose of this list is not so much to give a “definitive best of 2020 book list”, but rather to act as a sort of representative sample of all non-fiction books published in 2020. In doing this, we’ll try to cover as many spheres of culture as possible, going from science, journalism, across history and politics, ending up with art criticism and theory. In the end, we should have a very diverse and rich list that summarizes the non-fiction genre of 2020.


Words of Affirmation, Quality Time, Receiving Gifts, Acts of Service, and Physical Touch - The 5 Love Languages  

We all want to be loved. But the question is, how? How can we communicate to those we love how we want them to love us and learn how to love them in return? In his book, qualified marriage counsellor Dr. Gary Chapman provides five proven approaches on how we can show and receive love that will help us experience and reach deeper and richer levels of intimacy with our partners.


Books recommended by Bill Gates

American philanthropist Bill Gates is best known for his work at Microsoft; he built the foundations of one of the world’s most influential tech companies with childhood friend Paul Allen before going on to become the world’s richest man. But it wasn’t always plain sailing - Gates was a university dropout who ditched a career in law to pursue his dream as a software developer. As such, reading books played a crucial role in Gates’ early years, and it’s something that he has taken with him as a lifelong commitment.


Finding adventure through the works of Bill Bryson

Bill Bryson has become a household name thanks to his honest and understated examinations of history, culture, and travel. Through his writings, he offers readers the chance to potter along with him as he muses over life’s questions – big and small. The real question is, where to start? Well, that depends on you.


Love, passion, and empathy - Books Recommended by Harry Styles

Harry Styles is not only a rippling pop star and charming ladies' man, he’s also a bookworm. Here are just a few of the books Harry loves, filled with love, drama, tragedy and real-life experiences that will have you turning page after page.


Uptime: the app that gives you insights from the world’s best minds - in just 5 minutes

Finding the time to keep learning can be a struggle in our busy lives. So meet Uptime, the app that allows you to get smarter faster, with 1000s of personalized Knowledge Hacks delivered right into the palm of your hand.


How to be Happy: Five books that will change your life

We all know that being happy is a key aspect of life – but sometimes it’s easier said than done. Here’s our guide to the best books to help you learn the art of happiness.


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Think yourself successful: 4 books to help you hack the millionaire mindset

To be a successful entrepreneur, you need to adopt the mindset. But where to start? We’ve lined up the best brains on the subject to clue you up.

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