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Disability: The Basics

Tom Shakespeare

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Tom Shakespeare introduces readers to the politics, philosophy, and history of disability in the United Kingdom and abroad.


Disability: The Basics

Disability: The Basics

by Tom Shakespeare


A fifth of the world will develop some kind of disability in their lifetime. Despite its commonness, disability is rarely included in media discourse, and few non-disabled people know how to talk about it.

Bioethicist and sociologist Tom Shakespeare is a professor of disability research at London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. Disability: The Basics is a beginner's guide to the diverse world of disabled peoples' experiences and the issues that affect their lives.

Favorite quote

Disability, in everyday thought, is associated with failure, with dependency and with not being able to do things. We feel sorry for disabled people, because we imagine it must be so miserable to be disabled. But in fact we are usually wrong.

- Tom Shakespeare

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