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Digital Skills: Web Analytics


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Digital Skills: Web Analytics is a FutureLearn course by Accenture Consulting that discusses different types of analytics, how to measure the success or failure of your business decisions, and the challenges associated with data.


Digital Skills: Web Analytics

Digital Skills: Web Analytics

by Accenture


The data race is all about grabbing a chunkier slice of a constantly growing pie — the Internet. And with 2.4 billion people on digital media every other minute and the development of cloud storage capable of keeping millions of records, it only makes sense that new businesses are interested in investing in data analytics.

Accenture Consulting is an Irish-domiciled multinational company that has quickly risen to the ranks of the Fortune Global 500. With its global network of consultants, Accenture provides professional advice and guidance on technology, business, and management.

In this course presented by FutureLearn, Accenture's experts discuss why big data has become a focal point of business, why it is necessary to measure the progress of data-based campaigns, and how bad data poses new challenges to data analysts and businesses.

Favorite quote

Digital analytics is the backbone of a digital touchpoint within any human experience.

- Ashwini G., personalization and analytics expert

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