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Sam Feder

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Director Sam Feder opens a window to the depiction of trans people in Hollywood, encouraging viewers to see trans people as human beings, not as objects of fascination.




by Sam Feder


Does part of you - even if you're trans yourself - think that trans people are weird, worrying, or confusing? This reaction is not surprising, since that's how they've historically been portrayed.

Sam Feder is a New York-based filmmaker known for feature films such as Boy I Am and Kate Bornstein Is A Queer & Pleasant Danger. In this documentary, Feder explores Hollywood's stereotypical depictions of trans people as serial killers, perverts, freaks, or helpless victims.

Through research and interviews with cultural trans icons, Disclosure exposes how negative portrayals damage the psyches of trans people, and encourage violence against them.

Favorite quote

Hollywood is teaching people that the way you react when you see a transgender person's body is to vomit.

- Nick Adams, GLAAD Director of Trans Media & Representation

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