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Digital Skills: Artificial Intelligence


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This course from artificial intelligence experts at Accenture teaches the essentials of AI and how anyone can successfully work with it in the future.


Digital Skills: Artificial Intelligence

Digital Skills: Artificial Intelligence

by Accenture


Artificial Intelligence is revolutionizing many industries and changing the way we work. But although AI will displace some jobs, it will create millions more opportunities for people with the right skills and knowledge.

Fernando Lucini is an Artificial Intelligence Lead with Accenture, a Fortune Global 500 consulting firm partnering with organizations to improve digital strategies. Lucini is an expert in creating and implementing AI, and is dedicated to helping people and companies successfully work with AI.

In this course, AI experts unravel the basics of their field of expertise and its potential to improve industries around the world. Digital Skills: Artificial Intelligence outlines the skills necessary to work with AI technology in the digital age.

Favorite quote

The very best results are still achieved when human experts work hand in hand with AI, each bringing the best of their unique capabilities to a problem.

- Accenture

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