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Digital Skills: Retail


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This course from Accenture explains how retailers are adapting to the digital age by personalizing shopping, using data analytics, and revolutionizing the workplace.


Digital Skills: Retail

Digital Skills: Retail

by Accenture


Before the internet, the only ways for retailers to connect with customers were through stores, catalogs, and infomercials. Today, however, retailers have more ways than ever before to make themselves a part of their customers' lives.

Accenture is a professional services company specializing in IT consulting and helping businesses adapt to the digital age. This course explores new ways retailers can use technology to interact with customers, develop marketing, and improve customer service to optimize shopping for the digital generation.

Favorite quote

New generations of customers bring new expectations. Successful retailers are adapting their approaches to create a great shopping experience for the digitally minded.

- Accenture

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