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Digital Skills: User Experience


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This FutureLearn course from Accenture dives into the fundamentals of user experience design, showing how transformative a great design can be, and how to achieve it.


Digital Skills: User Experience

Digital Skills: User Experience

by Accenture


User Experience, or UX for short, is about every interaction a customer has with a business online or offline. UX plays a critical role in how businesses access their target audiences. Efficient, engaging, and intuitive design not only attracts customers, but improves efficiency. As users often stop using apps due to frustration, ensuring a seamless experience is key.

This course from Accenture, a global business consulting firm, focuses on digital UX and how to build websites that improve the user experience. You will learn the fundamentals of UX and cover the foundations of the design process, such as user journeys, prototypes, information architecture, and wireframes.

Favorite quote

The way your site is structured is very closely related to how people feel about it.

- Katy, Accenture interaction designer

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