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Digital Skills: Digital Marketing


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This FutureLearn course offered by Accenture Consulting discusses the types, aims, and benefits of different digital marketing strategies.


Digital Skills: Digital Marketing

Digital Skills: Digital Marketing

by Accenture


Thanks to the internet, we are more connected, informed, and entertained than ever before. But the internet is not just fun and games — it's a great opportunity for marketing your business.

Accenture Consulting is an Irish-domiciled multinational company that has quickly risen to the ranks of Fortune Global 500 companies. With its worldwide network of expert consultants, Accenture provides professional guidance on technology, business, and management.

In this course presented by FutureLearn, Accenture uses its expertise to shed some light on how marketing works in the digital realm, which types of digital marketing strategies work best for certain businesses, and how you can measure your digital marketing success.

Favorite quote

Digital marketing increasingly empowers us to find and meet a consumer need. Doing so in a way that adds value at every interaction is the best path to growth.

- Mathew B., Associate Marketing Manager at Accenture

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