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Digital Skills: Mobile


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This course provides a broad introduction to the history, design, and importance of mobile technology, showing how individuals and businesses can use it to their advantage.


Digital Skills: Mobile

Digital Skills: Mobile

by Accenture


Phones are just the tip of the mobile technology iceberg. 'Mobile' products include everything from smartphones and tablets to wearable technology such as smartwatches. Mobile technology can also refer to applications or functions of mobile devices and how these devices connect and communicate.

This course from Accenture offers a broad introduction to mobile technology, from its 20th-century roots through to wearables and the 'Internet of Things.' Mobility is crucial to modern technology — it has become vital for us to have access to our technology wherever we are. Whether you're in business or a consumer, having a basic understanding of how mobile technology works is valuable for making the most of it.

Favorite quote

Mobility is at the heart of the digital world.

- Accenture

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