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Digital Wellbeing

University of York

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In Digital Wellbeing, a FutureLearn course from the University of York, students learn how to balance their online lives with their mental health and wellbeing.


Digital Wellbeing

Digital Wellbeing

by University of York


How can we maintain a sense of wellbeing in an increasingly digital age?

This FutureLearn course was crafted by teachers from the Information Services Department at the University of York: Susan Halfpenny, Stephanie Jesper, Siobhan Dunlop, and Alice Bennett. The educators explore ways in which we can maintain our sense of self and personal wellbeing while surrounded by digital noise. FutureLearn is a learning platform that allows you to study important topics from experts at your own pace. Technology can contribute to a meaningful life; however, it can also distract us from our purpose and provoke anxiety or stress.

Important areas to focus on include maintaining healthy connections with digital tools, protecting your online safety, navigating conflict on online platforms, and balancing your professional and social life.

Favorite quote

Wellbeing refers to our sense of self and our ability to live our lives as closely as possible to the way we want to. It encapsulates the abilities to have positive relationships, promote healthy living, and feel life satisfaction.

- Susan Halfpenny, Teaching and Learning Advisor

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