Arts & Design
Culture & Society

Lady Boss: The Jackie Collins Story

Laura Fairrie

This documentary portrays the life and career of bestselling novelist Jackie Collins, whose erotic fictional portrayals of strong women and elaborate insider stories of Hollywood were a stepping stone for female empowerment.

Culture & Society

Lady Killers

Tori Telfer

Lady Killers tells the jaw-dropping true stories of female serial killers and unearths society's historical dismissal of women's potential for violence.

Leadership & Entrepreneurship

Leadership and Self-Deception

The Arbinger Institute

Leadership And Self Deception is the ultimate guide to becoming self-aware so that you can learn to see your faults more accurately, understand others' strengths and needs in a more generous light, and respond positively to the instinct to help other people as much as possible.

Leadership & Entrepreneurship


Alex Ferguson, Michael Moritz

The U.K.'s most successful soccer manager reveals how the methods that drove decades of sporting success can be applied to both business and life.

Career & Success
Leadership & Entrepreneurship

Leading Virtual Meetings

Kevin Eikenberry

Writer and consultant Kevin Eikenberry teaches how we can make a meaningful impact with our presentations - even when we're not in the same room as the other participants.

Leadership & Entrepreneurship

Leading without Formal Authority

Lisa Earle McLeod, Elizabeth (McLeod) Lotardo

In this course, leadership and personal development experts Lisa Earle McLeod and Elizabeth Lotardo share their insights on using effective communication to inspire and motivate your colleagues.

Technology & the Future
Career & Success

Learn About Current Digital Workplace Trends

Institute of Coding, University of Leeds

In this course from the University of Leeds and the Institute of Coding, digital experts uncover how technology is changing the future of work and how you can develop your digital skills.

Money & Investing
Career & Success

Learn Everything about NFTs

Henrique Centieiro

Cryptocurrency expert Henrique Centieiro's course takes us through an extensive and accessible guide to NFTs for beginners and experts, exploring new trends in the market as well as the history of the multi-billion dollar industry.

Mind & Philosophy
Personal Growth

Learning and Memory

Central Queensland University

Can studying how the brain works help teachers be more effective in the classroom? In this course from Central Queensland University, Professor Ken Purnell explains how learning and memory work together in education.


Learning Salesforce

Christine Volden

The Learning Salesforce course discusses all the major features of the customer relationship management tool, which helps you keep track of your customers' information, including updates on contact details, accounts, and new leads.


Learning Study Skills

Paul Nowak

Learning Study Skills will help you to make the best of your time and effort while preparing for a test by showing you how to speed read, use memory-enhancing techniques, and effectively plan your schedule.

Career & Success

Learning Success

R.J. Jenkins, Sara Remedios, Josh Edwin, Columbia University

In this course offered through edX and Columbia University, instructors R.J. Jenkins, Sara Remedios Bloom, and Josh Edwin discuss strategies students can use to make the most out of college academics.

Personal Growth

Learning to Be Approachable

Dorie Clark

This course teaches strategies to build social and professional relationships, exploring how to cultivate an approachable mindset without altering your personality.

Career & Success

Learning to Be Promotable

Lisa Earle McLeod, Elizabeth (McLeod) Lotardo

This course provides strategies for advancing in the workplace, including different behaviors to adopt, how to handle failure, and the best way to ask for a promotion.


Learning to Teach Online

Oliver Schinkten

In this illuminating course, instructional expert Oliver Schinkten provides a concise overview of the key skills you need to be an effective online instructor and help your students succeed.

Marketing & Sales
Career & Success

Learning to Write Marketing Copy

Ian Lurie

Learning to Write Marketing Copy will show the skills and strategies that you can use to write for both online and offline audiences, in a way that ensures customers take specific actions to drive marketing success.

Career & Success

Learning Zoom

Garrick Chow

Staff instructor Garrick Chow shares everything you need to know about Zoom, from getting started, to hosting and attending meetings, to navigating control options and features.

Culture & Society

Leaving Neverland

Dan Reed

Leaving Neverland is a gutwrenching documentary following the stories of two men who were allegedly sexually abused as children by the singer Michael Jackson.


Left on Tenth

Delia Ephron

Acclaimed author and screenwriter Delia Ephron chronicles her life following her husband and sister's deaths from cancer, including finding love again and facing her own cancer diagnosis.



Michael Gillard

Legacy is a close look at the world of organized crime in the U.K., revealing a deeply rooted mafia in a country that believes itself to be strongly rule abiding.


Lessons on Leadership

Peter Voogd

This course gives us insight into how to lead and build the right team, and shows us how important it is to develop the right culture in our business.

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