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How to Create a Perfect Elevator Pitch


5 mins

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In this course, Aimee Bateman shares the importance of the elevator pitch and how you can take advantage of it to advance your career, no matter where you work.


How to Create a Perfect Elevator Pitch

How to Create a Perfect Elevator Pitch

by Careercake


Elevator sales pitches aren't necessarily just for salespeople. Even if you don't work in the sales industry, an elevator pitch can be useful in different circumstances: at a networking event, when talking to customers, or proposing a new product or idea.

Career consultant and founder of Careercake Aimee Bateman has a proven strategy for developing quick pitches that guarantee a great first impression. In this course, Bateman demonstrates the simple steps in building the perfect elevator pitch and effectively promoting our organization and ourselves.

Favorite quote

Nobody cares how much you know until they know how much you care.

- Aimee Bateman

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