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The World According to Star Wars

by Cass R. Sunstein

The World According to Star Wars examines the unrivalled popularity of this epic franchise and what we can learn from it when it comes to law, economics, politics, and even humanity.

The World Until Yesterday

by Jared Diamond

The World Until Yesterday identifies some of the most valuable lessons we can learn from societies of the past like hunter-gatherers, including how to resolve conflicts better, more effective ways to raise children, how to stay healthier for longer, and much more.

The World without Us

by Alan Weisman

The World Without Us explores the impact humanity has on our planet through imagining what would happen to our world if we disappeared.

The World's Water Crisis, Explained

by Joe Posner

This episode of the Vox docuseries explains the major causes behind the world's water crisis and how pricing water can motivate people to consume smartly.

The Worry-Free Mind

by Carol Kershaw

The Worry-Free Mind helps free us of the shackles of all types of anxieties, identifying where they come from and what steps we can take to regain control of our thinking patterns.

The Year without Pants

by Scott Berkun

The Year Without Pants dives into the company culture of Automattic, the company behind WordPress.com, and explains how they've created a culture of work where employees thrive, creativity flows freely and new ideas are implemented on a daily basis.

The Yes Brain

by Daniel J. Siegel

The Yes Brain offers parenting techniques that will give your kids an open attitude towards life, balance, resilience, insight, and empathy.

The Yogi Assignment

by Kino MacGregor

In the Yogi Assignment, Ashtanga Yoga teacher Kino MacGregor distills 30 key teachings from her yoga practice into practical guidance, demonstrating that yoga is more than just a physical activity.

Theory U

by C. Otto Scharmer

Theory U helps leaders make decisions based on the future, not the past, allowing them to create organizational change at a global level through creative and agile methodologies.

There Is No Planet B

by Mike Berners-Lee

There is No Planet B is a collection of striking facts that all point to the same conclusion – that the preservation of the Earth's precarious natural balance is the prerequisite of our own survival.

There's No I in Threesome

by Jan Oliver Lucks

In this 2021 documentary, we follow the story of a filmmaker and his fiancée as they explore alternatives to monogamy in the year preceding their wedding day. The pair enter into a polyamorous relationship, a decision that reaches unforeseen conclusions.

Things a Little Bird Told Me

by Biz Stone

Things A Little Bird Told Me is Twitter co-founder Biz Stone's look back at his life in the years during and before Twitter, from which he draws many lessons about business, life, and society.

Things I Wish I'd Known Before We Got Married

by Gary Chapman

Discover whether your loved one is 'the one' with Things I Wish I'd Known Before We Got Married, the relationship blueprint book for finding your 'happily ever after'.

Think Again

by Adam Grant

This topical, relatable book by organizational psychologist Adam Grant describes why we find it so hard to let go of entrenched beliefs, and what happens when we learn to prioritize fact over feeling.

Think and Grow Rich

by Napoleon Hill

Think and Grow Rich is a curation of the most common habits of wealthy and successful people that can help you find inner belief, make better decisions, and achieve your goals.

Think and Grow Rich for Women

by Sharon L. Lechter

Think and Grow Rich for Women is a phenomenal guide for what it takes to design your own success, achieve your goals, and overcome the fears that are holding you back.

Think like a Chef

by Kenny Monroe

Think Like a Chef is a handy guide to help you cook like a professional in the comfort of your own home.

Think Like a Freak

by Steven D. Levitt

Think Like A Freak teaches you how to reject conventional wisdom as often as possible, ask the right questions about everything and come up with your own, statistically validated answers, instead of relying on other people's opinions or common sense.

Think Like a Monk

by Jay Shetty

Think Like a Monk teaches how we can let go of the things that don't matter and find the things that do, so that we might learn to live happier and more selfless lives.

Think like a Rocket Scientist

by Ozan Varol

Think Like a Rocket Scientist teaches you how to think like an engineer in your everyday life, so that you can accomplish your personal and professional goals and reach your full potential.

Think Small

by Owain Service

Think Small delivers science-backed secrets to teach us how to follow through with our goals, identifying seven key components that help us use human nature to our advantage to be successful.

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