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How to Build a Memorable Brand

Carolina Rogoll

5 mins

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This course will help you develop your marketing skills and create an unforgettable brand.


How to Build a Memorable Brand

How to Build a Memorable Brand

by Carolina Rogoll


Are you an entrepreneur trying to build a successful brand that lasts? If so, you'll need to build a business model that sets you apart from competitors, and strong branding is often the key.

Marketer and writer Carolina Rogoll has crafted world-renowned campaigns for multiple Procter & Gamble brands and helped many other successful brands build their business models.

In this course, Rogoll lets you in on her marketing and branding secrets. Learn how to use the 'Star Brand' model, create an effective marketing strategy, and communicate your goals to your team to lead them to success.

Favorite quote

There's 500,000 new businesses created every month, and half of those businesses will fail, but the other half will succeed. And 250,000 new businesses are certainly ones I'd like to bet on.

- Carolina Rogoll

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