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How to Break up With Your Phone

Catherine Price

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This is a practical guide from science journalist Catherine Price on redefining your relationship with your smartphone, with tips on how to use it less, and how to reclaim your lost attention span, focus, and memory.


How to Break up With Your Phone

How to Break up With Your Phone

by Catherine Price


How often do you find yourself looking at your phone mindlessly, or checking for notifications even though you didn't hear anything? Do you find it difficult to focus on a task or to remember something you just read? If so, it might be time to break up with your phone.

In this book, author Catherine Price offers compelling research to show the dangerous ways in which our smartphones keep us hooked, and how they negatively affect our cognitive performance. With practical tips and easy to follow advice, Price shows us how to take back control from our smartphones.

How to Break Up With Your Phone follows on from Price's catalogue of health and science-focused journalism. Price also runs productivity workshops with individuals and corporations to help them manage the use of their devices, and runs the online tool Screen/Life Balance.

Favorite quote

The same technology that gives us freedom can also act like a leash – and the more tethered we become, the more it raises the question of who's actually in control.

- Catherine Price

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