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How to Build a Healthy Brain

Kimberley Wilson

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How to Build a Healthy Brain is a practical, research-based guide to developing and maintaining a healthy mind.


How to Build a Healthy Brain

How to Build a Healthy Brain

by Kimberley Wilson


Our mental health is just as important to our functioning as physical health, yet we rarely tend to it. We work long hours, bottle up feelings, and stress about money – all at a hefty price.

Growing up in a family with a complicated history of mental illnesses and degenerative diseases led Kimberley Wilson to developing a deep interest in mental health at an early age. Today Wilson is a Chartered Psychologist, author, and Governor of the Tavistock & Portman NHS Mental Health Trust.

In How to Build A Healthy Brain, Wilson advocates for preventative mental health. With scientific insights on nutrition, sleep, and lifestyle, this book demonstrates how we can take care of our brains just as we take care of our bodies.

Favorite quote

One of the most common mistakes that people make in relation to managing their emotional and mental health is waiting until there is a crisis before they act.

- Kimberley Wilson

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