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How to Create an Awesome Morning Routine

Derek Franklin

5 mins

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In this course, Derek Franklin shares tips on how to kick-start your day and train your mindset, thereby helping you replace negative outcomes with positive ones.


How to Create an Awesome Morning Routine

How to Create an Awesome Morning Routine

by Derek Franklin


The importance of planning your day can't be overemphasized. You can end up getting frustrated at the slightest thing if you didn't plan ahead, so try to plan what you're going to do, eat, and wear. A simple plan put in place the night before can save you stress the next day.

In this course, YouTuber and author Derek Franklin discusses how to turn your frustrations around by changing your morning routine, using relatable scenarios to illustrate the point and discussing how certain methods in a morning routine can help you be more productive. This course also explores how reteaching yourself the new things you've learned can help you apply them and make good use of your time .

Favorite quote

You know, get some good music going. Feel good. Take some actions that are going to improve how you feel.

- Derek Franklin

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