Science & Environment

Introducing Mammals

The Open University, David Robinson

This course from The Open University provides essential tools for understanding the biology of mammals and what differentiates them from other members of the animal kingdom.


Introduction to Ancient Egypt and Its Civilization

David P. Silverman

A look into the world of the Ancient Egyptians and their concern with the afterlife, the preservation of their dead, and the protection of their treasures.

Technology & the Future

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Rav Ahuja

'The robots are coming for our jobs' is a common expression nowadays, but how serious is the threat of artificial intelligence? Here, we learn the basics of AI: what it is, and how to navigate concepts like machine learning, deep learning, and neural networks.

Mind & Philosophy
Science & Environment

Introduction to Cognitive Psychology

University of York, Philip Quinlan

How do you think? In this in-depth and practical course, students gain an overview of the field of cognitive psychology, which studies how humans reason and process information.

Money & Investing

Introduction to Corporate Finance

University of Pennsylvania, Michael R Roberts

Wharton School economist Michael R. Roberts explains the fundamentals behind how corporations make financial decisions.

Technology & the Future

Introduction to Data Science

CloudSwyft Global Systems Inc., Graeme Malcolm

In this course, learn the basics of interpreting data, alongside an introduction to statistics and machine learning.

Marketing & Sales
Technology & the Future

Introduction to Data Visualization

Nicholas Felton

Information designer Nicholas Felton shows us how we can use data and graphics to build strong narratives.

Technology & the Future

Introduction to Databases and SQL

National Center for Computing Education, Raspberry Pi Foundation

Introduction to Databases and SQL is an introductory online course on FutureLearn that explains the purposes of databases, how they can be used with Structured Query Language, or SQL, and some of their benefits for businesses.

Parenting & Relationships

Introduction to Family Engagement in Education

Karen L. Mapp, Harvard University

This course focuses on the importance of cultivating strong partnerships between educators and families to improve students' academic, emotional, and social success.

Money & Investing

Introduction to Financial Markets

Vaidya Nathan

Academic and former investment banker Vaidya Nathan presents a jargon-busting guide to investing in financial markets the right way and jumping over most beginners' trials and tribulations.

Science & Environment
Health & Fitness

Introduction to Food and Our Environment

Maya Adam M.D. , Stanford University

This Coursera course from Stanford University offers a detailed introduction on how to align food habits with planetary health.

Arts & Design
Technology & the Future

Introduction to Game Design

Fran Krause, CalArts

Introduction to Game Design is a course that aims to teach you the fundamentals of designing games, from establishing your rules to creating the stories and characters that will drive a game.

Science & Environment
Technology & the Future

Introduction to Genomic Technologies

Steven Salzberg, Jeff Leek

This Johns Hopkins University course introduces the basic concepts of genomics, genetic sequencing, as well as statistical and computational methods that help scientists derive valuable information from the vast sea of genomic data.

Science & Environment

Introduction to Human Evolution

Adam Van Arsdale, Wellesley College

This course, offered by Wellesley College, traces the history of evolution, explains the forces that drive it, and highlights the challenges of accurately studying fossil records.

Culture & Society

Introduction to Human Rights

José Zalaquett, Juan Francisco Lobo

José Zalaquett and Juan Francisco Lobo give a comprehensive introduction to one of today's most prevailing ideas in public morals: the desire to fulfill humanity's aspirations of equality.

Marketing & Sales
Career & Success

Introduction to Marketing

Darren Dahl, Paul Cubbon, The University of British Columbia

This course teaches the core principles of marketing including branding, pricing, communications, and more.

Arts & Design

Introduction to Music Theory

George Russell, Berklee College of Music

This course from Berklee College of Music teaches the fundamental theories that underpin all music. Learn to understand and use scales, chords, and harmony, and train your ears to hear exactly what you're listening to.

Technology & the Future

Introduction to Network Defence Management

Coventry University

Discover basic concepts in cybersecurity and defending computer networks in this course from Coventry University.

Health & Fitness
Culture & Society

Introduction to Nursing

King's College London

Introduction to Nursing explores the roles of nurses around the world and cultivates understanding around what it takes to become one.

Technology & the Future

Introduction to Online and Blended Teaching

Barbara Kurshan, Donna Murdoch, Betty Chandy, University of Pennsylvania

This edX course from the University of Pennsylvania defines blended learning and details the methods, technologies, advantages, and challenges of this mode of education.

Personal Growth
Career & Success

Introduction to Personal Branding

Kimberley Barker

This course, offered by the University of Virginia, helps you identify your true values, use your natural talents, and choose the right social media platforms to develop your brand.

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