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Fundamentals of Wine Tasting

Ryan Vet, Triad Studios

5 mins

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Fundamentals of Wine Tasting is a course on how to experience wine through sight, smell, and taste for a more rounded experience.


Fundamentals of Wine Tasting

Fundamentals of Wine Tasting

by Ryan Vet


Wine is more than just a drink – it's an entire history and culture. And while anyone can enjoy the taste of wine, properly appreciating takes something more.

Ryan Vet is an entrepreneur, investor, and author who happens to be a sommelier in his spare time. As the host of @Sip', Vet freely shares his knowledge and passion for craft beverages. This course covers the basics of wine tasting using three core senses: sight, smell, and taste.

From beginners who want to get to know wine on a deeper level to professionals who want to refine their understanding, Fundamentals of Wine Tasting has something for everyone. As you embark on this journey, keep a journal to track how your palate and skills evolve over time.

Favorite quote

By observing, smelling, and tasting, you'll enjoy wine on a whole new level. You'll begin to be able to break apart and understand what wine is in your glass before even tasting it.

- Ryan Vet

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