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From Poverty to Prosperity

Paul Collier, University of Oxford

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In this course from Oxford University, developmental economist Paul Collier compares the development of different nations, attempting to find practices they can use to lift themselves out of poverty and into prosperity.


From Poverty to Prosperity

From Poverty to Prosperity

by Paul Collier


How do nations lift themselves out of poverty and become prosperous? What are the obstacles that stand in their way? Why do some countries develop quickly, and others slowly or not at all? This course, taught by developmental economist Paul Collier has some answers.

In this Oxford University course, offered through edX, Collier delineates the political, social, and economic phenomena within countries that shape their development. The course demonstrates how forces outside a country can affect their domestic politics, social structure, and economics. By studying developmental paths taken by various nations, the course provides students the opportunity to build a theory of development.

Favorite quote

Economic growth depends on the move from low to high productivity. This increase in productivity depends on two factors: economies of scale and specialisation. These play out in society both spatially (urbanisation) and sectorally (industrialisation).

- Paul Collier

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