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The Black Swan

by Nassim Nicholas Taleb

The Black Swan explains why we are so bad at predicting the future, how unlikely events can dramatically change our lives, and what we can do to become better at expecting the unexpected.

The Blue Zones

by Dan Buettner

The Blue Zones gives us advice on how to live until we're 100 years old, examining the 5 "Blue Zones" of the world where people live the longest, and drawing lessons about which habits most successfully shape our lives.

The Blue Zones Solution

by Dan Buettner

The Blue Zones Summary shows us how to adopt the lifestyle and mindset practices of the healthiest, longest-living people on the planet, from the five locations with the highest population of centenarians.

The Body

by Bill Bryson

The Body helps us become smarter about how to take care of and use this mechanism that gives us life, explaining how it's put together, what happens on the inside, and how it functions.

The Body Energy Clock: Harnessing the Chinese "Qi" Clock

by Michael Hetherington

In this course, you'll discover the ancient secrets of qi. You'll learn how to improve your health, harness the healing power within you, and understand your body's natural rhythms and cycles using knowledge from traditional Chinese medicine.

The Body Keeps the Score

by Bessel A. van der Kolk

The Body Keeps The Score teaches you how to get through the difficulties that arise from your traumatic past by revealing the psychology behind them, and revealing some of the techniques therapists use to help victims recover.

The Bomber Mafia

by Malcolm Gladwell

In this book, renowned author Malcolm Gladwell examines a group of innovative military strategists who sought to make war less lethal through aerial precision bombing.

The Book

by Alan Watts

The Book is a spiritual exploration of true human nature and our place in the universe that challenges widespread but often misled beliefs.

The Book of Joy

by Dalai Lama

The Book of Joy is the result of a seven-day meeting between the Dalai Lama and Desmond Tutu, two of the world's most influential spiritual leaders, during which they discussed one of life's most important questions: how do we find joy despite suffering?

The Book You Wish Your Parents Had Read (and Your Children Will Be Glad That You Did)

by Philippa Perry

The Book You Wish Your Parents Had Read will help you step back and focus more on the big picture of parenting to foster a strong relationship with your child so they can grow up emotionally and mentally healthy.

The Botany of Desire

by Michael Pollan

The Botany Of Desire describes how, contrary to popular belief, we might not be using plants as much as plants use us - appealing to our human desires for beauty, intoxication and control in order to ensure their own survival.

The Bottom Billion

by Paul Collier

A small group of countries fall at the bottom of the global economic system. In another few decades, these countries might still be as poor as they were then unless… The Bottom Billion is all about that 'unless.'

The Box

by Marc Levinson

The Box teaches how the drive and imagination of one entrepreneur impacted the world economy, changing the face of global trade with container shipping.

The Boys in the Boat

by Daniel James Brown

The inspiring tale of how nine American rowers overcame the odds to win gold during the 1936 Olympics – in the middle of Adolf Hitler's Berlin.

The Brain That Changes Itself

by Norman Doidge

The Brain That Changes Itself explores the concept of neuroplasticity, sharing fascinating stories of people who can use the brain's ability to adapt and be cured of ailments previously considered incurable.

The Bulletproof Diet

by Dave Asprey

The Bulletproof Diet describes how focusing your diet around good fats, healthy proteins, and few carbohydrates can help us lose weight, gain energy, and focus.

The Business Romantic

by Tim Leberecht

The Business Romantic shows how doing business that is focused on passion and connection is ultimately what leads to greater success in today's world.

The Case Against Education

by Bryan Caplan

The Case Against Education reveals why the schooling system is so broken, how it doesn't fulfill its intended purposes but instead creates multiple problems for society, and what we can try to do to fix it.

The Charisma Myth

by Olivia Fox Cabane

The Charisma Myth debunks the idea that charisma is a born trait, outlining several tools and exercises we can use to develop a charming social appeal and magnetic personality, even if we're not extroverted.

The Checklist Manifesto

by Atul Gawande

The Checklist Manifesto explains why checklists can save lives, and teaches us how we can implement them correctly.

The Chimp Paradox

by Steve Peters

Sometimes we act so irrationally it's like there's a monkey in control of our brains. In The Chimp Paradox, Professor Steve Peters explains how to manage this inner Chimp to make the best out of your relationships, career, and personal life.

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