Marketing & Sales
Career & Success

Introduction to Marketing

Darren Dahl, Paul Cubbon, The University of British Columbia

This course teaches the core principles of marketing including branding, pricing, communications, and more.

Arts & Design

Introduction to Music Theory

George Russell, Berklee College of Music

This course from Berklee College of Music teaches the fundamental theories that underpin all music. Learn to understand and use scales, chords, and harmony, and train your ears to hear exactly what you're listening to.

Technology & the Future

Introduction to Network Defence Management

Coventry University

Discover basic concepts in cybersecurity and defending computer networks in this course from Coventry University.

Health & Fitness
Culture & Society

Introduction to Nursing

King's College London

Introduction to Nursing explores the roles of nurses around the world and cultivates understanding around what it takes to become one.

Technology & the Future

Introduction to Online and Blended Teaching

Barbara Kurshan, Donna Murdoch, Betty Chandy, University of Pennsylvania

This edX course from the University of Pennsylvania defines blended learning and details the methods, technologies, advantages, and challenges of this mode of education.

Personal Growth
Career & Success

Introduction to Personal Branding

Kimberley Barker

This course, offered by the University of Virginia, helps you identify your true values, use your natural talents, and choose the right social media platforms to develop your brand.

Money & Investing
Career & Success

Introduction to Personal Financial Planning

Indiana University, Todd Roberson, Kenneth Carrow

This edX course from Indiana University demonstrates how to use advanced planning to make the most of your finances.

Mind & Philosophy

Introduction to Philosophy

Dr. Dave Ward, The University of Edinburgh

In Introduction to Philosophy, senior lecturers from the University of Edinburgh deliver an easy-to-digest, eye-opening course on the basic principles of philosophy.

Career & Success

Introduction to Project Management: Methods & Tactics for Success - Learn with TeamGantt

Brett Harned

This Introduction to Project Management course shows you just some of the things you need to master to become a good project manager, from setting up to-do lists and managing teams to facilitating good communication.

Marketing & Sales

Introduction to Retention Marketing

Alex McEachern

Founder of Spark Retention Alex McEachern highlights the pitfalls of traditional ad-based marketing and explores the benefits of remarketing to existing customers to extend their purchasing life cycle.

Marketing & Sales

Introduction to SEO

Rand Fishkin

In this Skillshare class, digital marketing expert Rand Fishkin shares tactics and strategies for developing an effective SEO strategy that aligns with your business goals.

Mind & Philosophy

Introduction to Social Psychology

Blake McKimmie, Roy Baumeister, University of Queensland

This edX course from the University of Queensland explains how we think, make decisions, and behave in social settings.

Science & Environment

Introduction to the Biology of Cancer

Kenneth J. Pienta

This course explains the biological origins of cancer, how it causes severe damage to the body, and how a variety of treatments can be used to defeat the disease.

Technology & the Future
Money & Investing

Introduction to the Metaverse and How to Invest in It

Ali Matar

This Skillshare course explores the development of the metaverse, explaining what it is, its role as part of Web 3.0, and how you can invest in it.

Technology & the Future

Introduction to User Experience Design

Dr. Rosa I. Arriaga

Expert user experience designer Dr. Rosa I. Arriaga explains the key concepts and techniques designers use to create high-quality user-valued technology interfaces.

Technology & the Future

Introduction to Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality

Institute of Coding , Abe Karnik, Catherine Allen

In this course, immersive technology experts unravel the history, applications, and future of extended reality, delivering a concise account of XR's impressive potential.

Technology & the Future

Introduction to Web Development

National Center for Computing Education, Raspberry Pi Foundation

The Introduction to Web Development course from Raspberry Pi on Future Learn explains the basics of website design using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to create customized websites from scratch.

Money & Investing
Technology & the Future

Inventing Bitcoin

Yan Pritzker, Nicholas Evans

Inventing Bitcoin offers valuable insight into the technology behind Bitcoin and how it will change finance as we know it.

Career & Success

Inventing Joy

Joy Mangano

Joy Mangano, the inventor of the Miracle Mop, shares her blueprint for a career in which she has sold $3 billion of product, all while keeping life joyful.

Leadership & Entrepreneurship
Personal Growth
Health & Fitness


Pagan Kennedy

Inventology takes us through how the world's best inventors came across their ideas, uncovering their creative process and uncovering what drives great inventions and how to come up with our own.

Culture & Society

Inverting the Pyramid

Jonathan Wilson

Sports journalist Jonathan Wilson's seminal history of football tactics explores the way the sport has developed over time, while introducing the ideas and influential figures that have shaped the game.

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