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Game Changers

Dave Asprey

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Game Changers reveals the secrets that the world's most successful entrepreneurs equip themselves with in order to hack their biology and win at life.


Game Changers

Game Changers

by Dave Asprey


Nutritionist, entrepreneur, and author Dave Asprey coined the term biohacking, which means manipulating our ancient biology to better serve our modern goals. To discover biohacking, Asprey sought advice from experts by interviewing almost 500 highly effective individuals in his Bulletproof Radio podcast.

Our brain is a prehistoric operating system designed with only one goal: keep us alive to propagate the species. It focuses on 3 basic things that Asprey calls the 3 Fs: Fear, Feed, and F… reproduction. Thanks to our brain's focus on the 3 Fs, we generally don't like taking risks, we're often impulsively driven to eat anything in sight, and we spend a lot of energy on sex.

In Game Changers: What Leaders, Innovators, and Mavericks Do To Win at Life, Asprey uncovers all the hacks he's discovered for programming the brain to chase after goals, rather than blindly obeying the 3 Fs.

Favorite quote

You must focus on what makes you happy today because being happy unlocks a new level of potential in everything you do.

- Dave Asprey

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