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Gamification of Learning

Karl Kapp

5 mins

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Gamification of Learning explores the value of using games in an education setting.


Gamification of Learning

Gamification of Learning

by Karl Kapp


Karl Kapp has been fascinated with the relationship between games and learning for years. Through several National Science Foundation grants, he's even developed video games for teaching science and engineering concepts.

As the Professor of Instructional Technology and the Director of the Institute for Interactive Technologies at Bloomsburg University, Kapp is a huge advocate for using games to make education more engaging and effective. In this course, he shows us how that's possible, explores some fundamental gamification of learning principles, and sheds light on how this can be applicable in real-life situations.

Through this course, Kapp shows us that making learning fun is actually not that hard. A lot of us assume that to gamify our instruction methods, we need some expensive technology that's beyond our budget, but that's not necessarily true. Sure, there are times when high-value video games have been developed to educate, but we can begin to use this exceptionally useful educational tool with the resources we already have.

Favorite quote

Play, learn, and have fun.

- Karl Karp

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