Career & Success

How to Get Emotion onto the Page

Lisa Cron

This course will bust some of the myths about writing, teaching you how to express real emotion and weave it into your characters.

Parenting & Relationships

How to Get Married

The School of Life, Alain de Botton

This guide to entering marriage evaluates the importance of a ceremony, details how to approach your partner and your relationship, and offers a modern, realistic template for a wedding.


How to Get More Done

Tara Swiger

How to Get More Done is a series of classes to help you seize each moment, and feel a sense of real accomplishment at the end of the working day.

Parenting & Relationships

How to Get Over Your Ex

On Purpose , Jay Shetty, Matthew Hussey

In this August 2021 episode of Jay Shetty's On Purpose, life coach Matthew Hussey breaks down crucial practices for avoiding heartbreak.

Money & Investing
Technology & the Future

How to Get Started in Crypto?

The Zen Crypto Show, Sebastien Couture, ZenGo

In this October 2021 episode of The Zen Crypto Show, host Sebastien Couture shares how to get started in cryptocurrency, debunks myths and explains investing techniques.

Mind & Philosophy

How to Get Unstuck

The Tim Ferriss Show, Tim Ferriss, Diana Chapman

In this October 2021 episode of The Tim Ferriss Show, leadership advisor Diana Chapman offers various techniques to take control of your mind and shift your perspective.

Personal Growth

How to Give a F*ck Less

Chocolumpia Lessons

Quickly learn how to protect your energy while maintaining your composure.

Career & Success

How to Give Negative Feedback to Senior Colleagues

Aimee Bateman

This course reveals simple strategies for overcoming anxiety, choosing the right time to communicate, and effectively approaching senior colleagues with negative feedback while maintaining professional relations.

Leadership & Entrepreneurship
Career & Success

How to Go From an Intern to a CEO

The Mindvalley Podcast , Vishen Lakhiani, Ajit Nawalkha

This November 2021 episode of The Mindvalley Podcast shares some of the smartest ways to boost your career as an entrepreneur.


How to Grow a Garden

Ellen Mary

This beginner's guide provides an overview of the steps needed to create a thriving outdoor garden space. Find tailored advice for different levels of time investment, whether you have just ten minutes or four hours per week to spend in your garden.


How to Grow a Podcast Audience

Dan Misener

How to Grow a Podcast Audience will teach you how to reach, attract, and grow a loyal and committed audience that actually listens to what you have to say.

Mind & Philosophy
Personal Growth

How to Grow Old

Marcus Tullius Cicero, Philip Freeman

How to Grow Old, by Roman philosopher Marcus Tullius Cicero, provides practical guidance and wisdom on how to live a fruitful life throughout one's later years.

Parenting & Relationships
Culture & Society

How to Have Feminist Sex

Flo Perry

In this humorously illustrated book, artist Flo Perry explains how throwing away society's imposed standards and getting in touch with your own desires can lead to better sex for all.

Mind & Philosophy
Science & Environment
Health & Fitness

How to Heal Yourself from Depression When No One Else Can

Amy B. Scher

This book demystifies the lonely experience of depression, teaching you how to release stuck emotional baggage and uncover your happiest self.

Parenting & Relationships

How to Improve Your Relationships

The Mindvalley Podcast, Vishen Lakhiani, Katherine Woodward Thomas

In this March 2021 episode of The Mindvalley Podcast, bestselling author and marriage therapist Katherine Woodward Thomas explains how you can improve romantic relationships and attract love to your life by focusing on your future goals.


How to Improve Your SEO

Gary Hughes

This course offers SEO strategies to help you improve your search engine position and beat the competition.

Personal Growth

How to Influence People - 7 Easy Steps to Master Influencing, Persuasion Psychology and Manipulation!

Dean Mack

This course will teach you how to get what you want through manipulation and social engagement.

Money & Investing

How to Invest in an ISA

This Is Money , Georgie Frost, Lee Boyce, Simon Lambert

In this March 2022 episode of the This is Money podcast, host Simon Lambert meets investment analyst Rob Morgan to discuss how investing in an ISA can maximize your savings.

Parenting & Relationships
Mind & Philosophy
Personal Growth

How to Keep Your Cool

Seneca, James S. Romm

Written roughly around 53 BCE, Seneca's essay offers a timeless musing on anger, perhaps the most potent and dangerous of human emotions.

Personal Growth

How to Learn Online

Nina Huntemann, Robyn Belair, Ben Piscopo

This course aims to help those who are new to e-learning reach their online learning goals.


How to Learn: Strategies for Starting, Practicing & Mastering the Skills You've Always Wanted

Mike Boyd

How to Learn shows us that we're capable of mastering any skill - that it's not about how naturally 'gifted' we are, but the learning strategies we use.

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