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Get Over Your Breakup and Elevate Your Life

Borko Naumovski, Johannes Fessler

5 mins

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This course is designed to help you understand your feelings and learn to process your emotions, emphasizing the importance of having closure on past relationships and changing the frame through which you view them.


Get Over Your Breakup and Elevate Your Life

Get Over Your Breakup and Elevate Your Life

by Borko Naumovski


Some people spend months, years, even a lifetime trying to get over a rough break up. We've all been there. Separation is painful, and a lot of us need guidance to get through it. Although the breakup process is tough, it can also be an opportunity to grow.

Johannes Fessler is a life coach who's been studying personal development and human psychology for more than 20 years. Borko Naumovski is a multi-cultural trainer who's worked in various different fields, from entertainment and hospitality, to education and tourism.

Fessler and Naumovski have come together to teach this course Get Over Your Breakup and Elevate Your Life, a seven-module program aimed specifically at men to help you get back to your life after a messy breakup.

Favorite quote

The mental injury that we have after a breakup sometimes can even be more serious than a physical injury.

- Borko Naumovski

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