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Get Big Things Done

Erica Dhawan

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No matter who you are, or where you're from, you can do big things. All you need is a little something called 'connectional intelligence', explained here by writer and keynote speaker Erica Dhawan.


Get Big Things Done

Get Big Things Done

by Erica Dhawan


What do the Wright Brothers, Florence Nightingale, and Steve Jobs have in common? Whether it's inventing the first flying machine, revolutionizing nursing, or co-founding Apple, why is it that some people manage to achieve so much more, even though they have access to the same resources as we do?

Leadership and innovation expert Erica Dhawan reveals that the world's greatest achievers possessed the same key trait: connectional intelligence. In Get Big Things Done, Dhawan reveals how to maximize your own potential. By connecting with the right people who share your vision, fully using the resources at your disposal, and creating new resources, you can increase your chances of success.

Dhawan is the founder and CEO of Cotential – a company helping leaders and innovators collaborate to multiply their impact. Her work has been discussed in publications such as Fast Company and the Harvard Business Review.

Favorite quote

Connectional intelligence is the kind of genius that begins with a conversation. What? What if? Does it matter? How do we get this big thing done?

- Erica Dhawan

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