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Get a Financial Life

Beth Kobliner

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In Get A Financial Life, expert personal finance commentator Beth Kobliner teaches you how to manage money confidently, from tackling debt to saving efficiently, and investing successfully.


Get a Financial Life

Get a Financial Life

by Beth Kobliner


Depending on our background, we're either told from a young age to get a credit card and build credit or to avoid debt altogether. Because school often doesn't let us in on the world of personal finances, we can feel overwhelmed and torn between all the different money belief systems that surround us.

Beth Kobliner is a journalist, personal finance commentator, and New York Times bestselling author. During President Barack Obama's presidency, she was appointed as President's Advisory Council on Financial Capability. In Get a Financial Life, she debunks concepts like tackling debt, saving according to your goals, and the importance of a good insurance plan.

Through Kobliner's insight, you'll learn how to deal with credit cards in the right way, what good debt means, and why you should keep track of even your smallest expenses. In an uncertain world, having savings can truly change the course of your destiny. By remaining on the safe side, you'll feel a lot more confident taking measured risks when given the chance, and will finally be able to make your life decisions based on want rather than fear.

Favorite quote

If your expenses are higher than your income, you need to find ways to cut back – which can be painful at first.

- Beth Kobliner

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