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Future-Proof Your Business

Tom Cheesewright

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This book will teach you how to future-proof your business with agility, awareness, and action in order to not only survive but to thrive.


Future-Proof Your Business

Future-Proof Your Business

by Tom Cheesewright


Technology is innovating and upgrading at an exponential rate. This technological progress deeply affects nearly every business around the globe. The winds of change have never moved faster; if you're running a business or plan on starting one, you need to think ahead right from the start.

Tom Cheesewright is an applied futurist, keynote speaker, and television and radio broadcaster who speaks on innovation around the world. In Cheesewright's book, Future-Proof Your Business, part of the Penguin Business Experts series, you'll learn how to shape or reshape your business to better meet tomorrow's challenges and predict how your market will morph in the future.

Favorite quote

Being future-proof means not standing still. Not assuming that what makes for a successful business today will continue to ensure a successful business tomorrow.

- Tom Cheesewright

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