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Fundamentals of Google Analytics

Jeff Sauer

5 mins

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Google Analytics expert Jeff Sauer shows us how we can begin to use data to continuously develop websites that actually help our businesses.


Fundamentals of Google Analytics

Fundamentals of Google Analytics

by Jeff Sauer


Jeff Sauer has been using Google Analytics since 2005. In fact, he was one of the first beta testers of the platform. Sauer is a firm believer in data-driven marketing and has been sharing decades worth of industry expertise through keynote speeches, business coaching sessions, and a world-class marketing curriculum taught in universities.

In this course, Sauer teaches us Google Analytics essentials and how we can use the platform to pick up insights that help drive our business goals. Some of the topics he explores include segments, content groups, and social reports.

As Sauer shows, Google Analytics can be a powerful tool for our marketing efforts, allowing us access to the same pool of resources that Fortune 500 marketers use to measure their websites' performance – without any costs.

Favorite quote

Now, the reason why I love Google Analytics so much. First of all, it's because it's free. There's no barrier of entry. There's no limitations. There's no exclusion of people who can't use this.

- Jeff Sauer

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