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Fundamentals of Neuroscience: The Brain

David Cox, Harvard University

5 mins

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Harvard neuroscientist David Cox introduces us to key concepts in the field of neuroscience, focusing on the sensory systems that enable us to perceive and interpret the world around us.


Fundamentals of Neuroscience: The Brain

Fundamentals of Neuroscience: The Brain

by David Cox


Have you ever wondered how our brains are able to make sense of the complex world around us? How is it possible for humans to react to our environment in order to survive, let alone appreciate beauty or music? The key to the mysterious processes taking place in the brain lies in neuroscience.

David Cox is a leading neuroscientist and artificial intelligence expert at Harvard University. In this Harvard course offered through edX, Cox guides us through important discoveries in the field of neuroscience, explaining the functions of the nervous system and motor system. The Fundamentals of Neuroscience helps us to understand the complex systems in the brain that detect and perceive the world around us.

Favorite quote

The human brain is a fantastically complex system, capable of transforming a torrent of incoming sensory information into thought and action.

- David Cox

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