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by Alexander Nanau

In this documentary, a passionate team of journalists investigates how corruption and mismanagement led to a nightclub fire and hundreds of preventable hospital deaths in one of Romania's most notorious tragedies.

Come as You Are

by Emily Nagoski

Come As You Are tells the truth about female sexuality, including the hidden science of what turns women on, why it works, how to utilize this knowledge to improve your sex life, and why sexual myths make you feel inadequate in bed.

Come Rain or Shine: Understanding the Weather

by University of Reading

This online course by meteorologists Sylvia Knight and Peter Iness takes a deep dive into the formation of weather systems, how the weather is affected by human behavior, and the intricate mechanisms of climate change.

Comfortably Unaware

by Richard Oppenlander

Comfortably Unaware is a well-researched compendium on how our food choices and animal agriculture impact the environment and contribute to world hunger, the destruction of rainforests, and climate change.

Common Sense

by Thomas Paine

Common Sense is a classic piece of US history that will help us see the importance of societies coming together to form a fair governmental system, and how these ideas paved the way for the American revolution.

Communicating about Culturally Sensitive Issues

by Daisy Lovelace

Daisy Lovelace, Professor at Duke University's School of Business, teaches how to steer conversations where culturally sensitive topics such as race, ethnicity, and gender crop up.

Communicating Across Cultures

by Tatiana Kolovou

Communicating Across Cultures is a deep dive into navigating cross-cultural communication in the diverse modern workplace.

Communicating in the Language of Leadership

by Pete Mockaitis

In Communicating in the Language of Leadership, Pete Mockaitis shares vital communication tools and strategies that can help leaders to organize their thoughts, reinforce their message, handle anxiety, and effectively communicate with any audience.

Communicating with Confidence

by Jeff Ansell

In Communicating with Confidence, Jeff Ansell introduces us to tools and strategies that enable us to communicate confidently and clearly, which can help us to speak in public without being affected by nerves.

Communicating with Empathy

by Sharon Steed

Step up your relationships both personally and professionally with this course on relationship-building.

Communication and Interpersonal Skills at Work

by Institute of Coding

This course will guide you through examining your communication style and formulating an actionable plan to help you grow in your communication.

Communication Foundations

by Brenda Bailey-Hughes

Communication Foundations is an introductory communications course by Team Performance's dynamic duo, Tatiana Kolovou and Brenda Bailey-Hughes.

Communication Skills: Become More Clear, Concise & Confident

by Alex Lyon

Communication Skills shows us that being good at talking doesn't make us good at communicating, explaining how to remove unnecessary words, plan to communicate clearly, and make valuable use of non-verbal communication.

Communication Strategies for a Virtual Age

by University of Toronto

Nowadays, we don't always communicate face-to-face. Here are the secrets to communicating effectively, no matter whether you're in person or on a screen.

Communication Tips

by Brenda Bailey-Hughes

Communication is everywhere around us. Yet we tend to do it wrong in so many ways. "Communication Tips" will help you improve all aspects of your communication- empathy, rapport, constructive criticism, preparing for interviews and so much more.

Communication within Teams

by Daisy Lovelace

In Communication Within Teams, Daisy Lovelace explains that many teams fail due to poor communication. She shows us how all teams can benefit from improving communication in order to improve performance by using a team charter and the most appropriate means of communication in the right way.

Company of One

by Paul Jarvis

Company of One will teach us how going small, not big, when creating our own company will bring us independence, income, and lots of free time - without the hassles of having to manage employees, long meetings, and forced growth.

Computer and Text Neck Stretching Exercises

by Desk Yogi

In this course, Desk Yogi will help you to combat body aches and pains caused by sitting at your desk all day and hunching over your phone, so that you can learn to take better care of yourself and keep your body happy.

Computer Programming for Everyone

by Institute of Coding

In Computer Programming for Everyone, freelance technologist, designer, and speaker Tom Armitage teaches the building blocks of coding to bolster the digital skills of working professionals and students alike.

Concentration and Focus: the Principles of Deep Work

by Nathan Robertson

In "Concentration and Focus", Nathan Robertson delivers an actionable guide to the principal aspects of discipline and the benefits of being successfully productive, by learning to efficiently execute focused concepts and sustain concentrated levels of activity.

Confessions of an Advertising Man

by David Ogilvy

Confessions Of An Advertising Man is the marketing bible of the 60s, written by 'the father of advertising,' David Ogilvy, to inspire a philosophy of honesty, hard work, and ethical behavior in his industry.

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