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Arise, Awake

Rashmi Bansal

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Arise, Awake will inspire you to move forward with your entrepreneurial dreams by sharing the inspirational stories of six Indian entrepreneurs and the lessons they learned on the path to success.


Arise, Awake

Arise, Awake

by Rashmi Bansal


Economically, the center of gravity in the world is changing eastward. India is one of the champions of this change. The country has 1.3 billion people and an economy that's growing at over 5% annually. These results are due in large part to a growing new generation of entrepreneurs in the country.

While numbers are impressive, stories are what truly motivates people to action. And what better way to find that inspiration than hearing the stories of six young Indian entrepreneurs? This is what Rashmi Bansal's Arise, Awake: The Inspiring Stories of Young Entrepreneurs Who Graduated From College Into a Business of Their Own is all about.

You'll be impressed to learn the many innovative ways these individuals started and grew their companies. Along the way you'll also learn a powerful lesson or two that will help your business efforts as well.

Favorite quote

In any line of business, there is a steep learning curve. Like a pilgrim, you must climb that mountain with faith and fortitude - there is no 'helicopter' service.


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