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Art & Activity

The Museum of Modern Art, Larissa Raphael, Lisa Mazzola, Francis Estrada

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In this online course from the Museum of Modern Art, educators Larissa Raphael, Lisa Mazzola, and Stephanie Pau provide pedagogical strategies for immersing students in a deeper inquiry into the art world.


Art & Activity

Art & Activity

by The Museum of Modern Art


There is no one way to interpret a work of art. And while it can be visually stunning and stimulating, art can also be used as a tool to develop important life skills.

This course from New York City's world-renowned Museum of Modern Art, or MoMA, focuses on the pedagogy behind art education. Led by MoMA educators Jessica Baldenhofer, Lisa Mazzola, and Stephanie Pau, the four-week video series is designed to guide instructors in developing an activities-based arts curriculum. Through a variety of tools and exercises, art instructors, museum curators, and teachers will better understand how to teach students to interact with, interpret, and discuss art.

Favorite quote

When done effectively, good activities meet teaching goals, encourage close looking, provide alternate entry points, deepen student understanding, and spark curiosity.

- Lisa Mazzola

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