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Artificial Intelligence: Distinguishing Between Fact and FictionBy Coventry University, Institute of Coding, Dr Mark Elshaw

In a Nutshell

This course from Coventry University and the Institute of Coding introduces the history of artificial intelligence, from its origins to the future relationship between robots and humanity.

Favorite Quote

The idea of 'intelligence' is itself emotional rather than mathematical.

Alan Turing, computer scientist


The idea of recreating human consciousness in a machine has long captured the imagination, inspiring countless works of science fiction.

But the reality of artificial intelligence is far different from the stories we know.

Dr. Mark Elshaw is an AI researcher at Coventry University, specializing in neural networks and AI ethics.

In this course presented by FutureLearn, you will learn the history of artificial intelligence, beginning with the work of Alan Turing and John McCarthy.

With a comprehensive review of artificial intelligence scholarship and research, the course examines various machine learning techniques and explores parallels between human, animal, and computer intelligence.

Here are the 3 key insights from this Hack

  1. 1.
    Intelligence can be defined in a number of different ways
  2. 2.
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