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Confronting Bias: Thriving Across Our Differences

by Vernā Myers

Inclusion strategist Verna Myers and Huffington Post founder Arianna Huffington teach us how to better see life through different lenses, and do our bit to make this world a more inclusive place.

Congratulations, by the way

by George Saunders

Congratulations, by the Way is a graduation speech written and delivered by George Saunders in which he humorously asks the new graduates to be kind at all costs.

Connecting with Your Audience Using Video

by Jaime Cohen

A picture is worth a thousand words. And a video is worth a thousand pictures. Before buying something, finding the next travel destination, or simply deciding how to pass the time, people love to find a video that explains a certain topic to them. This is why video has become the main communication medium in the modern world.

Conscious Creativity

by Dorota Stanczyk

Conscious Creativity is a 22-day course in which transformational artist and creative director Dorota Stańczyk shares strategies for tapping into your creative potential, and using creativity to live a happier and more engaged life.

Conscious Uncoupling

by Katherine Woodward Thomas

Conscious Uncoupling can help to improve our love life by showing us how to break up the right way, and why things are going to be okay after we separate from someone we once loved.

Construction Management: Reading Drawings & Specifications

by Jim Rogers

In this course, construction industry aficionado Jim Rogers provides an all-inclusive guide to understanding construction documents.


by Jonah Berger

Contagious illustrates why certain ideas and products spread better than others by sharing compelling stories from the world of business, social campaigns, and media.

Content Design

by Sarah Richards

In Content Design, Sarah Richards offers a clear reference guide for what makes good content design, how to do it, and why it's so important to make your website stand out.

Content Strategy for Professionals: Engaging Audiences

by John Lavine

In Northwestern University's Content Strategy Specialization for Professionals course, a team of esteemed professors explain how to understand and reach audiences with compelling content designed to expertly communicate your message.

Content, Inc.

by Joe Pulizzi

Content, Inc. describes a six-step model we can use to improve our marketing prior to investment so we can maximize our chances for success.

Context Is Key

by Gary Vaynerchuk

Context Is Key makes a comparison between social networks and the types of content we put out there, teaching us about jabs and hooks, and clarifying their usage.

Conversation Skills: How to Have a Great Conversation with Virtually Anyone | 4aafcf8e-ca68-489f-901a-499c7a9058d2

by Alex Lyon

Conversation Skills gives insightful tips on how to start and maintain a conversation with pretty much anyone, that's both meaningful and fun for all involved.


by Michael Pollan

Cooked is a historical exploration of the human relationship with food and cooking, combined with practical ideas on how to improve your diet by preparing more of your own food.

Coping Skills and Self-Care for Mental Health

by Emma McAdam

In Coping Skills and Self-Care for Mental Health, Emma McAdam shares numerous ways to self-soothe and better cope with your own emotions, so you can handle anything that life has to throw at you.

Cork Dork

by Bianca Bosker

Cork Dork is an enthralling glimpse into the elite world of sommeliers and competitive wine tasting.

Coronavirus, Explained

by Joe Posner

Coronavirus, Explained: The Race for a Vaccine, examines efforts that had been taken to develop a coronavirus vaccine as of mid-2020.

Cosmic Queries

by Neil deGrasse Tyson

A comprehensive yet accessible investigation into some of humankind's oldest and most profound questions about the universe we live in, the origins of life, and what the future might hold.


by Carl Sagan

Cosmos teaches the basics of how the universe works, including our own solar system and its history.

Cost-Effective Creative Shoots

by Lindsay Adler

Learn how to take stunning photos without breaking the bank, as fashion photographer Lindsay Adler shares effective tips and tricks for carrying out creative, cost-effective shoots.


by Ellen J. Langer

Counterclockwise takes a critical look at current perspectives on health, with a particular focus on how we can improve our own when we shift from being mindless to mindful.

Courage, Creativity and the Power of Change

by Beth Comstock

Forget the fear that's holding you back, and put your mind to action. The course explains why all the things you need to achieve success are already within you; the only thing that needs changing is your mindset.

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