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Asserting Yourself, an Empowered ChoiceBy Emilie Aries

In a Nutshell

Speaker, leadership consultant and founder of Bossed Up Emilie Aries gives us a peek into her communications tools box, and teaches us how be more assertive day-to-day and get things done.

Favorite quote

Much like in physics, a decision, discussion, or direction that's already set in motion remains in motion unless an equal and opposite force is applied.

Emilie Aries


Before becoming a leadership consultant, Emilie Aries worked in many high profile positions. From that period of her life, she developed a clear understanding of the challenges around office power dynamics and the suppression of voices that surfaced as a result. It's a challenge that she is passionate about, and actively works towards resolving.

In fact, that's how she spends most of her time; providing programs and resources to help women build their careers, helping companies become more inclusive and sharing key pointers on office power dynamics. In this particular course, Asserting Yourself, an Empowered Choice, Aries focuses on providing proven techniques we can use to become more assertive.

This course shows how assertiveness is an indispensable skill for building a career, being heard or simply taking care of our mental health. Aries demonstrates that becoming assertive is a choice we have to make for ourselves; her job is just to equip us for the transition if we are willing to grow.

Here are the 3 key insights from this Hack

  1. 1.
    Being assertive comes at a social cost, especially for women
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