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Astrology for Real Relationships

Jessica Lanyadoo, T. Greenaway

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Astrologer, psychic medium, and host of Ghost of a Podcast Jessica Lanyadoo explains astrology's impact on friendships, casual dating, and long-term committed relationships.


Astrology for Real Relationships

Astrology for Real Relationships

by Jessica Lanyadoo


Most of us have read a horoscope. Some of us even choose to read the horoscopes of those we love — a crush, a friend, our parents. Whether you read horoscopes or not, astrology offers tools for better understanding ourselves and our relationships.

In her book Astrology for Real Relationships, Jessica Lanyadoo offers a breakdown of the signs, planets, and houses that impact the most intimate corners of our lives. Lanyadoo is an internationally known astrologer and psychic medium with over 20 years of experience. She also hosts the popular astrology-focused Ghost of a Podcast. Examining astrology can enlighten and empower us with insights into the roles we play within our relationships.

Favorite quote

Astrology is a vast and amazing system for understanding your insides and your outsides, and how to bridge the gap between the two. … How you feel in your own skin is directly related to how close you are willing to get to other people.

- Jessica Lanyadoo

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