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Asking for a RaiseBy Lisa Gates

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This course provides practical tools to help you understand your worth and convince your employer you deserve a better offer.

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Negotiation is both a hard skill and a soft skill. It has a language, a vocabulary, a set of repeatable strategies and tactics. Most of all, negotiation depends heavily on your ability to listen well, and to use your natural emotional intelligence.

Lisa Gates


Recent research shows that a staggering 18% of professionals never negotiate their salaries. The same study reveals that these people lose up to one million dollars during their lifetimes, simply because they were too afraid to ask for more. Fear and insecurity are the main culprits preventing people from not getting the salaries they're worth.

Lisa Gates is an executive coach and negotiation consultant, helping her clients realize their true value in the workplace. In Asking for a Raise, Gates highlights the best practices for tactful negotiation, providing tools to take charge of your career. This course empowers us to assess our market value through our skills, attitude, and knowledge. Whether you're looking for a raise, aiming for a promotion, or looking for new opportunities, developing your negotiation skills will always come in handy.

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    Prepare your pitch for a raise by building your career story
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