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Art Journaling for Self-Care

Amanda Rach Lee

5 mins

3 key insights

Visual, audio & text

Artist and Youtuber Amanda Rach Lee teaches you how to creatively pour your thoughts and feelings into an art journal for mental wellness.


Art Journaling for Self-Care

Art Journaling for Self-Care

by Amanda Rach Lee


Today, many of us are used to documenting our thoughts and feelings on social media. But what if, instead of writing for an audience, we wrote down our thoughts only for our own sake?

Amanda Rach Lee is an artist whose YouTube channel is full of inspirational and creative content. In this class, the digital creator gives you an opportunity to use all those bits of interesting and colorful stationery lying around, while recording your thoughts and day-to-day events - whether you think they're noteworthy or not.

A healthy way to work through negative feelings, art journaling is perfect for creative people who want to feel the benefits of journaling but struggle to sit and write. Art Journaling for Self Care teaches us to express ourselves in a way that is both therapeutic and aesthetically pleasing.

Favorite quote

Allow yourself to just create without the pressure of it needing to result in anything large or perfect or good. What's in your head is good enough.

- Amanda Rach Lee

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