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The End of Oil, Explained

by Ezra Klein

This episode of the Explained docuseries tells the story of how oil became the world's primary fuel source and explains why the oil industry must be replaced if we are to survive.​​

The End of Poverty

by Jeffrey Sachs

The End of Poverty will help you develop a kinder and more compassionate heart by opening your eyes to the terrible state of the poorest countries in the world, how they got to be this way, and why solving this problem is in our best interests - and may be easier than we think.

The End of Stress

by Don Joseph Goewey

The End Of Stress proves how stress harms our mental and physical health, and also gives us actionable strategies to end stress once and for all, so we can live a long, happy, and powerful life.

The Energy Bus

by Jon Gordon

The Energy Bus is a fable that helps us create positive energy with ten simple rules, making positivity the center of your life, work, and relationships.

The Ethical Slut

by Janet W. Hardy

In The Ethical Slut, Janet W. Hardy and Dossie Easton share a guide to love, sex, and intimacy that falls beyond the limits of traditionally-held ideas about monogamy.

The Eureka Factor

by John Kounios

The Eureka Factor lays out the history of 'aha moments' and lets you in on what causes them and how you can train yourself to experience them more often.

The Everything Store

by Brad Stone

The Everything Store documents the rise of Amazon online through 300 interviews with current and former Amazon employees and executives.

The Evolution of Everything

by Matt Ridley

The Evolution Of Everything compares creationist to evolutionist thinking, showing how the process of evolution we know from biology underlies and permeates the entire world, including society, morality, and even the internet.

The Execution Factor

by Kim Perell

The Execution Factor shows how the power of vision, action, and resilience can propel us to success - from the point of view of author Kim Perell who became a millionaire in seven years.

The Exponential Age

by Azeem Azhar

Based on his long-running newsletter and podcast, Azeem Azhar's groundbreaking book takes a forensic look at our changing world and how humanity's advances are shaping our future.

The Farthest

by Emer Reynolds

This engrossing documentary charts the incredible exploits of the only manmade objects ever to leave our solar system, told by the people who launched them.

The Female Orgasm, Explained

by Joe Posner

An examination of the origins of the misconceptions of female sexuality and its propagation in popular culture, this documentary explores the pleasure gap, inconclusive sex science, and how socialization affects the likelihood of the female orgasm.

The Fifth Agreement

by Miguel Ruiz

The Fifth Agreement is the update to one of the world's most popular self-help books, shining a new light on ancient, Toltec wisdom to help us cultivate deep self-awareness and be who we really are.

The Fifth Discipline

by Peter M. Senge

The Fifth Discipline reveals how to find joy at work as an employee and improve productivity as an employer, outlining the five values that can transform a workplace into a place of learning.

The Financial Diet

by Chelsea Fagan

The Financial Diet is financial experts Chelsea Fagan and Lauren Ver Hage's personal finance 101 for the struggling millennial.

The Fine Art of Small Talk

by Debra Fine

The Fine Art of Small Talk teaches us how to skilfully start, continue, and end conversations with anyone, no matter how shy we think we are.

The First 20 Hours

by Josh Kaufman

The First 20 Hours lays out a methodical approach you can use to pick up new skills quickly without worrying about how long it takes to become an expert.

The Five Dysfunctions of a Team

by Patrick Lencioni

The Five Dysfunctions of a Team uses a fable to explain why even the best teams struggle to work together and offers actionable strategies for them to overcome distrust and office politics.

The Fortune Cookie Principle

by Bernadette Jiwa

The Fortune Cookie Principle explains why a great product or service isn't enough – today, a compelling story about your brand is the most important aspect of running a business.

The Four

by Scott Galloway

The Four takes a close look at the growth of four of the most influential companies in the world and the secrets behind their success.

The Four Agreements

by Don Miguel Ruiz

The Four Agreements draws on the long tradition of the Toltecs: an ancient, indigenous people of Mexico, to show you that we have been domesticated from childhood. It demonstrates how these internal, guiding rules hurt us, and what we can do to break and replace them with a new set of agreements with ourselves.

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