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Good and Mad

Rebecca Traister

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In New York Times bestseller Good and Mad, Rebecca Traister presents the transformative power of female anger amid revolutionary social movements.


Good and Mad

Good and Mad

by Rebecca Traister


How people perceive us is often tied to our gender. While men are expected to be natural commanding leaders, women who exhibit the same assertive behavior may be characterized as cold, bossy, or too demanding. In the face of adversity, a woman is expected to stay calm. Any indication of anger will label the woman as 'too sensitive.'

Rebecca Traister is a writer for New York Magazine and The Cut. In Good and Mad, published in 2018, Traister fights against the traditional narrative of female frustration, showcasing how women's anger has spearheaded many of the world's most notable revolutions. Through historical analysis and personal anecdotes, Traister deep dives into contemporary events, such as #meToo and the election of President Donald Trump. The author highlights widely accepted double standards and how women's anger has often led to monumental historical change.

Favorite quote

This is about the specific nexus of women's anger and American politics, about how the particular dissatisfactions and resentments of America's women have often ignited movements for social change progress.

- Rebecca Traister

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