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Great at Work

Morten T. Hansen

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Great At Work examines what it takes to be a top performer and gives practical advice to achieve significant results at work while maintaining an excellent work-life balance.


Great at Work

Great at Work

by Morten T. Hansen


Morten Hansen is one of the authors of Great By Choice, the result of a 9-year study on what makes companies great. But, after writing that, he still had a question on his mind: why do some individuals perform better than others?

He recruited a team and launched one of the biggest research projects on individual performance at work ever. They collected tons of data about how people work and what results they get, then analyzed it statistically.

The group found that seven "work smart" practices account for high performance at work. They then organized the results into a validated framework that anybody can use.

In Great At Work: How Top Performers Work Less and Achieve More, Hansen explains these seven principles, with examples from the lives of the 5,000 people that he and his team analyzed. He also suggests you think of it as "a complement to Stephen Covey's 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, updated to reflect the realities of work today."

Favorite quote

Who wants to 'work dumb'? But many people do in fact work dumb because they don't know exactly how to work smart


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