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Mini Habit Mastery: The Scientific Way to Change Your Habits

by Stephen Guise

In Mini Habit Mastery: The Scientific Way To Change Your Habits, habit formation expert and thought leader Stephen Guise shares effective ways to break bad habits that interrupt your life.

Mini Habits

by Stephen Guise

Mini Habits explains how we can get the most out of the fact that 45% of our behavior happens on autopilot, by setting ridiculously small goals, relying on willpower instead of motivation, and tracking our progress to live a life that's full of good mini habits.


by Joshua Fields Millburn

Minimalism is an instructive introduction to the philosophy of less, and how it helped two guys let go of their American-Dream possessions and all the depressions that came with them.

Minimalism | e36954e2-8751-40a6-b45f-77826c33da32

by Matt D'Avella

This documentary by Matt D'Avella follows Ryan and Josh - aka 'The Minimalists' - on a US talking tour, with regular detours to hear from other prominent exponents of the benefits of living with less.

Mistakes Were Made, but Not by Me

by Carol Tavris

Mistakes Were Made, But Not By Me takes us on a journey of famous examples of life where big mistakes were hushed up instead of admitted, showing us how this hinders progress, and what we can do to start honestly admitting our own.


by Sam Pollard

MLK/FBI is a documentary detailing the FBI's long-running surveillance of Martin Luther King Jr.'s personal life.

Mock-Up Your Designs to Impress Clients

by Khara Plicanic

This course teaches you how to give visual form to your product ideas and concepts in order to make your work more marketable.

Modern Film Composing | 601ecf10-3a63-47df-92f5-ec5a0e6134a6

by Will and Brooke Blair

Modern Film Composing reveals behind the scenes secrets and special features of developing a film score, and shows how powerful, dynamic, and influential music can be.

Modern Leadership: Give & Get Honest Feedback at Work

by Claire Lew

Modern Leadership shares the results of data collected over four and a half years to demonstrate how to be an effective and successful leader.

Modern Money Habits

by Justin Bridges

Financial expert Justin Bridges teaches you how to manage your money so that you can confidently live your life to the fullest.

Monday Productivity Pointers

by Jess Stratton

Monday Productivity Pointers will show you how to make your working week easier from the very start, using both online and offline tools that you already have available.


by Steve Forbes et al.

Money is the blood supply of the world run by banks, insurance companies, and governments. But what happens when people, systems, and lousy ideas infect this blood supply?

Money and Soccer

by Stefan Szymanski

Money and Soccer is a deep dive into the complex economics behind one of the most popular sports in the world.

Money Master the Game

by Anthony Robbins

Money: Master The Game holds seven simple steps to financial freedom, based on the advice of the world's best billionaire investors, interviewed by Tony Robbins.

Money, Explained

by Ezra Klein

Money is the blood supply of the world run by banks, insurance companies, and governments. But what happens when people, systems, and lousy ideas infect this blood supply?

Money: Know More, Make More, Give More

by Rob Moore

Money is your guide for learning how to stop pushing yourself to do more at your job and live a happier and more fulfilling life by making your money work hard for you.

Monogamy, Explained

by Joe Posner

Monogamy, Explained takes a close look at the intriguing family structure, from its origins to the way it's practiced around the world today.


by John Sculley

Moonshot! describes why now is the best time ever to build a business and how you can harness technology to create an experience customers will love by seeing the possibilities of the future before others do.

Moonwalking with Einstein

by Joshua Foer

Moonwalking With Einstein not only educates us about the history of memory but also gives us actionable techniques to extend and improve our own.


by Jonathan Sacks

In Morality, Rabbi Jonathan Sacks delivers a powerful essay detailing the importance of unity in times of division, through finding common values, empathy, and the search for a common good.

Most Likely to Succeed

by Pamela Littky

You probably remember who was voted 'Most Likely to Succeed' in your high school – but where are they now? Most Likely to Succeed follows four high schoolers who won that auspicious title over the course of ten years, while meditating on the definition of success.

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