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by Jonathan Sacks

In Morality, Rabbi Jonathan Sacks delivers a powerful essay detailing the importance of unity in times of division, through finding common values, empathy, and the search for a common good.

Most Likely to Succeed

by Pamela Littky

You probably remember who was voted 'Most Likely to Succeed' in your high school – but where are they now? Most Likely to Succeed follows four high schoolers who won that auspicious title over the course of ten years, while meditating on the definition of success.

Move Your Bus

by Ron Clark

Move Your Bus sheds some light on the different tiers of every organization, be it a school or a company, how leaders can inspire these different groups, and how individuals can move up and become more valuable to the organization they serve.


by Liz Wiseman

Multipliers helps us become more efficient leaders by magnifying the strengths of our team and dealing with managers that pull everyone down.

Muslim Girl

by Amani Al-Khatahtbeh

A memoir of the life and struggles of a young Muslim woman in the wake of 9/11, during the following war on terror, and in an ongoing era of rampant Islamophobia.

My Age of Anxiety

by Scott Stossel

My Age of Anxiety is a how-to guide letting us take a deep dive into the world of mental illness and anxiety so we can understand its mechanisms, how it can be triggered by genetics and environmental factors, and what can be done to treat it.

My Inventions

by Nikola Tesla

My Inventions gives us a short but golden glimpse into Nikola Tesla's life, his vision of the future, and his brilliant mind.

My Own Words

by Ruth Bader Ginsburg

This book from late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is a collection of essays and speeches, interspersed with Ginsburg's personal writings, that chronicles the beliefs and goals throughout her monumental career.

My Stroke of Insight

by Jill Bolte Taylor

My Stroke Of Insight teaches us how to calm ourselves in any situation, by simply tuning into the inherent peacefulness of the right side of the brain.

Nail It Then Scale It

by Nathan Furr

Nail It Then Scale It teaches you how to craft the perfect business plan to grow your company, explaining the importance of discovering key issues for customers and creating products to solve those problems.

Napoleon the Great

by Andrew Roberts

Napoleon The Great is the modern biography of the legendary leader Napoleon Bonaparte, detailing his life from his early years to his greatest battles, political achievements, and ultimate exile.

Narrative Economics

by Robert J. Shiller

Narrative Economics explains the influence that popular stories have on the way economies operate, including the rise of Bitcoin, stock market booms and crashes, the nature of epidemics, and more.


by Akala

In Natives, world-renowned rapper and activist Akala reveals his experience as a Black Briton as he debunks myths and stereotypes about the relationship between the United Kingdom, colonization, and Blackness.

Nature in Mind

by Roger Duncan

Systemic psychotherapist Roger Duncan advocates for an urgent realignment between humans and the natural world to remedy the ecological, psychological, and social challenges that humanity faces.

Navigate and Respect Age, Ethnic and Racial Differences

by Eleventure Team

With this course, you'll learn how to account for age, ethnic, and racial differences, and how to use them to improve the cohesion of your team.

Necessary Endings

by Henry Cloud

Necessary Endings is a guide to change that explains how we can get rid of unwanted behaviors, events, and people, using the magic of new beginnings to build a better life.

Negotiating your salary | fb719795-bd7c-4273-8d18-6d2c7ac150d7

by Valerie Sutton

Whether you want a raise at your current company or you're preparing for a hiring interview, Negotiating Your Salary will teach you the negotiation tactics to get the salary you deserve.

Negotiation Foundations

by Lisa Gates

In her course "Negotiation Foundations," specialist Lisa Gates explores the fundamental abilities required in a negotiation situation, so that you can build your confidence in handling tricky conversations and consistently achieve the results you're after.

Networking Foundations: IP Addressing

by Timothy Pintello

Networking Foundations: IP Addressing gives a comprehensive view of numbering systems, explaining the importance of a basic understanding of domains and IP addressing.

Never Eat Alone

by Keith Ferrazzi

Never Eat Alone is a modern classic, explaining the art of networking and how we can harness the power of good relationships to build a career we love.

Never Split the Difference

by Chris Voss

Learn to negotiate like a pro in your everyday life with international bestseller Never Split the Difference, written by award-winning academic and former FBI hostage negotiator Chris Voss.

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