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Elevating Child CareBy Janet Lansbury

In a Nutshell

Elevating Child Care is an insightful compilation of hands-on tips to raising toddlers respectfully so they can learn to trust others – but more importantly, themselves.

Favorite quote

What I am most grateful to Magda Gerber and RIE for is the deeply trusting, mutually respectful relationships I have with my own children. Respect and trust have a boomerang effect – they come right back at you.

Janet Lansbury


When Janet Lansbury first came across the concept of respectful parenting, she had been struggling to find an approach to parenting that worked for her and her daughter. After a successful career as an actor and model, she found herself ill-equipped in terms of child care until she discovered Magda Gerber's philosophy.

Lansbury is now a top parenting author and educator. She has raised three children of her own and has helped thousands of parents around the world raise their children through books, classes, articles, talks, consultations, and her work at Resources for Infant Educarers.

Lansbury has shared practical respectful parenting advice through over 400 articles on her website. In Elevating Child Care, she shares 30 of her most popular articles' core tips and tricks. This eye-opening compilation covers everything we need to understand about respectful parenting, from how to enjoy a diaper change to the fundamentals of potty training.

Here are the 3 key insights from this Hack

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    Respecting infants and toddlers is key to raising them well
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