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Tara Westover

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Tara Westover's moving memoir explores her journey from daughter of a survivalist family who were opposed to education to earning her Ph.D. at Cambridge University.




by Tara Westover


Most kids in America go to preschool, elementary school, high school, and college. But for Tara Westover, things were drastically different.

Born into a survivalist family in the mountains of Idaho, Westover's father was a religious fanatic with extreme ideas — he avoided the healthcare system, wouldn't register his children with the state, and kept them away from mainstream education. Despite a difficult and often violent childhood, Westover eventually went to college and earned a doctorate from Cambridge University. Educated: A Memoir is Westover's account of the arduous and inspiring journey to get an education against all odds.

Favorite quote

Everything I had worked for, all my years of study, had been to purchase for myself this one privilege: to see and experience more truths than those given to me by my father, and to use those truths to construct my own mind.

- Tara Westover

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